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KiBum and the Chocolate Factory~

But no matter how much the family made and bought, they all went around with a sick, hollow feeling in their tummies- but KiBum felt it most. One could not hope to expect a growing teenager to live on a a diet of bread, margarine, and cabbage'n'potato soup.. all of them were part of the very slim diet of the family, but none as slim has he was. 

Nonetheless, that's what the family ate, but Sundays were a little bit better. Everyone looked forward to Sunday- Grandpa YoungOon could nap as long as he wanted, Grandma RyeoWook could finish her knitting, Grandpa DongHee got an extra serving of food at mealtimes, Grandma SungMin... generally loved all days, DongHae had half as many clients, HyukJae's shift ended early with the same pay, and KiBum didn't have school...

Which was totally like the Monday morning that found our main character in a frantic rush, trying not to be late to deliver his newspapers. 

KiBum obviously didn't have a bicycle, so the newspaper's printing company lent one to one of their most hard-working 'distributors'. Riding his bike through town, he passed by darkly lit grocery stores, with their keepers opening cartons upon cartons of fresh fruits, the general store, with mass-produced goods in the windows, and the candy store, with boxes upon boxes being opened, laden with creamy chocolate bars loaded on the tall shelves. And all around the entire neighborhood, a faint scent of chocolate pervaded the air.

But the worst part of all, was passing by THE FACTORY. It was HANKYOUNG'S FACTORY, the greatest and biggest candy-making factory in the entire world. Every time he'd pass by, he'd stop his bike, and just stand in front of the gates, inhaling in that rich, sweet smell of candied fruits, caramels, toffees and his ultimate favorite, CHOCOLATE.

And oh, how he loved that smell!

Oh, how he wished he could go inside, and see what it was like!

[apologies for the shortness. ^^']
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