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Let's play a game

Title : Let's play a game
Author :us_jessica 
Pairing : Han Geng / DongHae (HanHae)
Side pairings and characters : KyuChul , SiHan (friendship) , KiHae (friendship) , Kangin
Rating : NC-17?(to be safe)
Length : 3/?
Disclaimer : I own nothing but the plot .
Summary : " Since you are a player , let's play a game , let's sweet talk , hung out with eachother and eachother's friend , pretend to give a shit , let's kiss , let's fuck , and who ever falls in love first , LOSE "

" I know you're lying to me , you love him and I can see it on your face ... uhh what did you get yourself into Hae ? you only will broke your heart again " Kibum said

Tags: pairing: hangeng/donghae
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