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untitled, because I'm special like that
pairing: yehhae
rating: G
summary: ka-boom.
a/n: I can't really be a leader of a cult of which I've never written the pairing, now can I?

“Come on, YehSung!” DongHae burst into the room loudly, disturbing the other boy from a much-needed nap.

“What?” YehSung asked, not bothering to hide that he had been annoyed, because, he knew, DongHae would have ignored it, anyway.

Bouncing around like a little child at a carnival, he requested, “Let’s put some Mentos in Coke!”


“I heard the candy makes Coke turn funky colors!”

“Who told you that?”


Of course. “Can’t I just watch from here?”

“No, Kang-In said you have to get really close to the Coke to be able to see.”

Doesn’t surprise me that he’s in on it, too. YehSung pictured the two boys snickering at their naïve victim. “Do it outside.”

“Come with me!” Before YehSung could protest, DongHae reached out, took him by the hand and yanked him from the bed.

As they stepped onto a small patch of grass where the two objects were suspiciously waiting, YehSung commanded, “Don’t put your face right over it, Hae.”

“Why not?” One hand still wrapped around YehSung’s and one ripping at the Mentos wrapper with his typically large grin, DongHae didn’t seem to be listening to the other’s wise words.

“It could explode.”

“No it won’t, silly! It’ll just turn funny colors!” As if he were the expert.

YehSung rolled his eyes and shook his head behind DongHae’s back. “Alright.” Because DongHae’s enthusiasm and child-like faith in the tricksters were too, heaven forbid YehSung admitting it out loud, adorable, he gave up fighting and smiled, even knowing he’d have an extra load of laundry he’d be obligated to do in a few minutes.
Tags: pairing: yesung/donghae
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