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Short KiChul drabble~

^^;; Aha... I love KiChul. Yea.. this is the first time I've written anything in a long long time.. Rating is PG for kissing XD;


9:14 AM

"Hyung..." KiBum crawls on top the bed and shakes HeeChul by the shoulder. "Hyung, wake up."

"nyagh..." HeeChul tries to push KiBum away and hides beneath the covers.

"Hyung... The people from the T.V. show are here."

HeeChul peeks out from the blankets. He blinks once. Twice...

"wha... AH! Why didn't you say so in the first place?!!"

HeeChul jumps up and laughs triumphantly.

"HAHAHAHA~!! Just kidding! I'm awake! Really! I swear!! For REAL!!"

Suddenly everything gets all black and tunnel-visiony. HeeChul looses his balance and topples back onto his bed.

" seems that I got up too quickly. KiBum, be a good boy and carry me~!"

10:04 AM

HeeChul: “Gimme a kiss.”

KiBum: “Why? The cameras are still around.”

HeeChul: “I know. That’s why you have to kiss me.”

KiBum: “What? How does that make any sense?”

HeeChul: “Our fans want fanservice! Now service them already! Gimme kiss!”

KiBum hesitates.

He quickly steals a glance at the large obtrusive camera.

He leans over and gives a hasty peck on HeeChul's cheek.

KiBum returns to his seat bright red.

The cereal is all soggy now...

4:26 PM

KiBum and HeeChul are playing video games.

KiBum has his brows furrowed. He looks like he's concentrating very hard.

In contrast, HeeChul looks comical. His tongue is sticking out from the corner of his lips.

The car moves left. HeeChul moves left. The car moves right. HeeChul moves right.

The finish line is in sight!

and KiBum's car wins by 5 milliseconds!!!

HeeChul huffs and throws down the controller. He kicks it away from him childishly.

His smile is mischievous as he pounces on KiBum who's about to get up and kisses him.

KiBum: "What was that for?!"

HeeChul: "It's your reward! For beating me!"

KiBum: "I never asked for that kind of award..."

HeeChul: "I know! Aren't I generous?" *sparkle sparkle*

8:13 PM

KiBum is in his room playing an RPG.

HeeChul is in his room checking his CyWorld and making his daily rounds to his fansites, music charts, popularity charts, and etc.

They both have their MSN messenger on... even though they're only a few feet away from one another.

HeeChul: “What do you want for dinner?”

KiBum: “I don’t know. Whatever you want is fine.”

HeeChul: “What if I want you for dinner?”

KiBum: “.....”

HeeChul: “I know you’re smiling~ You’re smiling aren’t you? Smile smile die smile KiBum!”

...KiBum can’t stop his mouth from twitching upward.


so, what did you think? Should I stick to drawing?? XD;;

I know some of my sentences are retarded and the whole thing looks a bit awkward but I was going for kind of a semi-stream of consciousness thing, kind of a direct in-character tone. Ummm...yea. hee hee ^_________^;;
Tags: pairing: heechul/kibum
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