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KiBum and the Chocolate Factory~

The smell of potatoes and cabbages pervaded the house- a loud clatter in the kitchen could be heard, resounding in the tiny tin-roofed house as KiBum's mother put a pot  partly filled with nearly overdue vegetables on the stove. 

"KiBum! Wake up!!" she walked over to the little mattress, with two lanky limbs sticking out from the bottom of the sheets. Technically, she picked her way over by stepping aside the other mattresses on the ground- a cold one, too. Not those nice OnDal floors you see these days. 

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the tousled head of hair poked out from the sheets. A voice croaked out at the boy "You're going to be late for your paper route."  The words had an immediate effect on KiBum, and he rushed out of the comforts of his bed, and started to get ready- all at the early hour of 6 AM. KiBum's father, who worked at a soap-box making factory, was already gone. He worked at the gluing section, where he glued the ends of the boxes together- it didn't make that much money... In fact, his job only paid less than half the less-than-average income. DongHae made a little more then HyukJae as a laundry-woman for several other houses... but no matter how many jobs they took, they never made enough for the family.

The entire family being Grandpa JongOon, Grandma RyeoWook (who were the parents of KiBum's mother), and Grandpa DongHee and Grandma SungMin; DongHae and HyukJae, KiBum's parents, and of course, KiBum himself. The four 'elders' got the only bed in the entire house, and KiBum and his parents were forced to sleep on thin cotton mattresses. They weren't entirely miserable, seeing that their very nature was cheerful, but it WAS disheartening to see the little boy grow into a pretty handsome young man- albeit a SLIM, bordering on anorexically skinny young man, with a sweet baby face that many people who weren't his mother could (and did) love.

But the only things that kept the entire house together were DongHae and HyukJae's jobs and KiBum. The boy was doted upon by his four grandparents, the love obvious when their raisin-like faces brightened at KiBum's own shiny smile. That smile shone like the bright rays of the sun- indeed, he was the only thing that the grandparents looked forward to... except for Grandpa DongHee. He DID look forward to mealtimes more often than not...
HanKyung's legendary chocolate factory is opening at last- but only 5 lucky teenagers are allowed inside. And the winners are: 
Kim YoungOon, an enormously.. 'big' boy whose hobby is eating and beating others up; Kim HeeChul, a spoiled-rotten, princessy crossdresser whose parents are wrapped around 'her' little finger;  Choi ShiWon, a dimwitted womanizer with the cheapest pickup lines around; Park JungSu, a TV fanatic who wants to be an MC when he grows up; and Kim KiBum, Our Hero, a kid who is honest and true and good and ready for the time of his life!

(thus, my lame attempt at humor..)
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