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Valentine's Day Contest Entry

Title: Understanding
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yehsung/Ryeowook
POV: Ryeowook
Comments: In episode 9, I just remember how left out Ryeowook looked in Yehsung's diary because he wasn't being paid a lot of attention.. ._. anyway. *uses dork!love icon*

I thought that out of everyone, Yehsung could understand me the most.


In his free time, he isn’t partial to hanging out with me. He would much rather hang out with his old friend. I don’t blame him, of course, because whenever we’re together, I usually keep quiet. I think he’s offended by it. I wish I could tell him it was because I like hearing his voice, talking to me alone, more than anything.

I am sitting in the living room, sipping on some juice, when Sungmin comes bustling in. He spots me sitting on the sofa and makes a beeline for my direction. Before speaking to me, he rips off his jacket and throws it to the floor, rather viciously. Apparently he is angry about something again, but I won’t ask. The thing about Sungmin hyung is that he often gives people the wrong impression. I’m one of the few who know he's a pessimist, tends to hold grudges, and is quite fatalistic. With his type of attitude, he likes to distract himself by doing things like baking cookies and watching reruns of the Super Junior Show, which he tapes every week, by the way.

I predict which he will do to distract himself this evening, and I know I am right when he grabs the remote and turns on the flat-screen.

“Ryeo, did you watch episode nine, yet? With Yehsung’s diary?” Sungmin asks in a cheerful tone.

I say nothing but sip loudly on my juice.

He blinks at me. “Huh? Don’t you want to watch it?”

I shrug. I don’t think he cares whether or not I say yes or no, because he’s already fast-forwarding to the beginning of Yehsung’s diary. I have no choice but to sit here and watch it with him. How can I tell him that I watch the show as often as he does? I never miss anything with Yehsung in it..

The room is eerily quiet until it gets to the part where Sungmin and I appear on screen. Sungmin jumps up and points to himself, asking me if he looks pretty. I laugh and tell him that he does. Sungmin likes to make a cameo in everyone’s diary and then get to watch himself being cute on TV. It's part of his "distraction."

The rest of the diary seems to go by very slowly and Sungmin starts to notice how I keep twitching every now and then. He presses pause and then pokes my cheek. “Ryeowook?”

I frown.

Sungmin suddenly gets a look of revelation on his face. “Oh!”

I give him a confused look. “Oh?”

He smiles. “I know.”

I blink. “Know what?”

He pats my head and then turns off the television. “You do know that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow?” I nod and he continues, “Then you should spend the day with Yehsung."

I realize that he was able to correctly interpret my twitching earlier as jealousy. I turn bright red and cover my face. “No! I can’t~” I drone out. “There is no way I could even ask him to." Sniffing, I immediately run for my room, with Sungmin yelling about how I'm even more emotional than he is. I close my door and lock it behind me.

My room is dark and empty.

I remember I haven’t eaten dinner yet, but everybody is home. I’m afraid to leave my room because if I see Yehsung, I might die just from imagining him spending an entire day with me. Just me.

I go to sleep very early tonight.


I had a nice dream.

I would describe the dream if I could only remember it, but the second I open my eyes, it leaves my mind entirely. It's because I wake up to see Yehsung at the end of my bed.

“What are you doing in my room?” I ask him carefully.

He grins while dangling the key to my room in his hand. “Waking you up. What else? You never wake up early.”

I blush. I should be more concerned about the fact that he has the key to my room, rather than the fact that he happens to be in my room, sitting on my bed. Slowly, I sit up beside him and shiver slightly when my thigh brushes against his. “…Oh..Okay. I’m awake.”

He points to my pajamas. “Then you need to get dressed.”

“Dressed for what?”

“You’re so oblivious, Ryeo. We don’t have work until the evening. I’m asking you to spend the day with me.”

I open my mouth in surprise. “Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes. I think that today is February the 14th." He gets up, winks at me, and I laugh. "I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

I never took a shower and got dressed so quickly in my entire life. I stop in front of my mirror to fix my hair and test all of my facial expressions for Yehsung. Sungmin happens to walk into my room when I’m doing this.

"..What exactly are you doing?" He asks me, curiously.

I stick my tongue out at him.

Sungmin slits his eyes. “Gosh. One would think you’d be at least a bit grateful at what I did for you. Tsk.”

“I ..was going to ask him anyway,” I say, mostly to myself, and follow him out of my room.


As we walk outside, Yehsung casually entwines his fingers in mine, and suddenly the weather isn’t so cold anymore. And with the way the early sunlight is hitting his face, it makes me feel like this might be what I was dreaming of. Except for one thing. That it’s real.

I remember something I have to say to him.

“Yehsung?” I whisper softly.

He glances at me. “What is it?”

“I...I really like hearing your voice.” It hits me that what I just said was not what I had meant to say. I hardly ever talk, and when I do, the right things never come out of my mouth. Yehsung probably has no idea why I’d say something like that out of the blue. Ashamed, I bury my head in my jacket and try to pretend that I didn’t say anything.

I hear him laughing softly. “Don't be embarrassed." Leaning over, he holds my chin so that I won't look away. "Ryeo...I like you a lot, too.”

I feel stupid because I feel like crying, and Yehsung knows it. The tears fall as he hugs me, right there in the middle of the sidewalk, so tightly that I can't breathe.

He understands me, after all.
Tags: contest: 2006 valentines, pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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