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Title: Secret
Rating: The lowest possible rating ever
Pairing: I'm sure you can figure it out.
Word Count: 230
Comments: It's my first fic written in a while, and my absolute first Super Junior fic. I know it isn't much, and it didn't take me long, so be as nice/brutal as you wish!

No one knows how I feel about him. And no one ever will. Hopefully. If anyone were to find out, especially the other guys, I know I would be taunted forever. That’s why I’m glad we’re as close as we are, I can love on him and no one will suspect a thing. I catch myself just staring at him sometimes, when I’m supposed to be concentrating on something important, but... What could be more important than true love?

It started the very day I met him. He was this vibrant being that couldn’t seem to stop moving, even if you glued him to the wall. I think that is what attracted me to him, the energy that he gave off was amazing. I couldn’t help but be drawn in by his beauty. He’s my very best friend, I could trust him with any secret at all. Except this. If he ever found out… But he won’t.

When I watch him while he’s doing something, I’m so amused. He does things his own way, and he stands out in a crowd. Though, that could be because he often does things to attract attention to himself. Whether it be the way he has his hair, or something he says or does, but I’m not complaining. No, complaining is something I save for someone who annoys me. HeeChul has never annoyed me.</lj-cut< Forgive me if it's completely terrible.
Tags: pairing: heechul/kibum
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