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Title: Cancelled
Rating: G, i guess?
Pairings: KiHae
Comments: my first attempt at writing a SuJu fic. criticism is welcome but i warn you .. this is pure crack and nothing but. ^_^

You are about to pass his room when soft mutters of mild frustration waft through the small crack in the doorway. Piqued with curiousity, you place a hand lightly on the door and slowly nudge it open. Not really know what to expect, you almost laugh as your eyes fall upon him. He has his arms entangled in his shirt and was clearly trying to either pull it on or off, you can't tell but he isn't doing a very good job at it. The corners of your lips tug into an amused smirk as you enter the room.

"What are you doing?" you finally ask after a moment or two of watching him being forced into a none-too-graceful pirrouette as he kept trying to free his arms from the shirt.

He jumps a little at the sound of your voice, having not heard you come in. In an attempt to stabilise himself, his socked feet skids against the floor, gets caught in the web of discarded clothes and he promptly falls over with a muffled thud.

You can't help but laugh softly this time around. He mumbles. You chuckle. But of course, you step forward and help him up as best as you can seeing how his limbs seem to be either uncooperative or otherwise engaged.

"Ki Bum, help me!" He cries out in frustration, wiggling his fingers which are poking out at an awkward angle from his tangled-up shirt. "I have an itch on my back, I can't reach it and I can't. Get. This. Shirt. Off!" He struggles again although to you, he simply looks endearingly comical.

Still chuckling softly under your breath, you reach out and carefully tug at his shirt, pulling it this way and that and after a few seconds of tug-o-war, you manage to free his arms. He pulls the shirt off and tosses it onto the floor along with the heap of clothes already lying there. Muttering a thank you, he now tries to reach around his back, squirming in discomfort and finally casting you a pleading look. You shake your head, amused.

"Oh, come here," you offer and obligingly, he turns around as you lightly scratch his bare back.

"No, higher ... higher .. that's too high, a bit lower! No, to the left. Not that left, the other left! Just a bit lower still ... ahhhh!"

You feel his muscles relax as he sighs in relief. Apparently you hit the right spot. Which leads you to thinking of other spots to hit. Which makes you stop and wonder why you are suddenly thinking these thoughts other than to satisfy the author's need for randomness just to get the story going. Which forces you to stop wondering before the author smacks you with the silly stick and you really don't want that because it might ruin your flawless complexion. Which of course, ends up in you starting to lightly rub your fingers against his back now. You place your other hand on his hip gently and step even closer towards him.

"Ki Bum, what are you doing?"

"Nothing..." you mutter softly as you slowly wrap your arms around his naked waist.

"Don't we have dance practice today?"

"Cancelled." Your chin now rests comfortably on his shoulder, your lips mere inches away from the crook of his neck.

His eyes widen and such a look of comprehension dawns on his face that you would have laughed if you could see it. But you can't and it doesn't matter anyway because he had just placed his own hands over yours.

"You don't mean..."

"Oh yeah..."

"But that would mean..."


You have absolutely no idea what he's talking about or why he suddenly sounds so breathless but before you could even start bothering to wonder why, he turns around suddenly to face you.

"I knew they were coming sooner or later," he whispers in a thunderstruck voice.

You pull back slightly and stare at him in confusion. "They, who?"

"The aliens, of course!" And you keep staring at him. His tone is patient yet his eyes are ablaze with pure excitement.

"Dong Hae, what..."

"Well, they've taken over, haven't they? And now they're using our dance studio for a peace conference. That's why our practice has been cancelled!"

Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum
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