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THE SuJu Slash Fic [multi-chapter, 2/?]

Title: THE SuJu Slash Fic - for lack of a better title.
Authors: taylormercury & gado
Chapter: 2/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Various
Genre: AU, crack, horror
Warnings: swearing, sex, alcohol, crack, death, blood, death, sex, death, more sex, and did we mention death?
Summary: When 13 young, attractive and very horny men gather in a big house to throw a party anything can happen. And it does.
Comments: Ka and I are on crack. And we're evil. AND THIS STORY HAS AMAZING PAIRINGS. Read it because we rock, and you love us :3 Now we get to the fun stuff! 8D
Previous: Chapter 1


It was almost four, which meant most of the students had left the building already. However, in an abandoned classroom, the sound of a pencil moving against the surface of paper could be heard. The door opened and another person entered, sneaking up behind the boy sitting at his desk before wrapping his arms around his neck from behind.

“What are you drawing?”

Shindong chuckled and tilted his head back to look up at his friend. “A clown.”

“Oh.” Sungmin cocked his head to the side, pouting slightly. “But it looks so sad.”

“Clowns are always sad.”


“Because no one loves them for who they are. They’re just entertainment.”

“Maybe only to people that don’t look behind the mask.” Sungmin nodded at his own words and moved to sit on the desk; moving the picture before he did so.

Shindong smiled a little at his friend. “People never do.”

There was a moment of silence. Sungmin put his hands on his friend’s shoulders, flashing him a shy smile. “I do.”

He didn’t give his friend a chance to protest as he pressed their lips together. The kiss was quick and innocent but it brought a smile to their lips which remained intact as they walked out of the school hand-in-hand.


He tapped the pink comb against his bottom lip a few times; turning his head different angles to make sure every single strand of his black hair was in the right place. Eventually satisfied, he flashed himself a grin in the mirror and let the comb slip into his pocket.

Sungmin hummed to himself, some tune he had heard on the radio and was embarrassed to admit that he actually liked; twisting and turning to find the pose that would make him look the most attractive. He did regardless of the pose he chose, but the narcissistic side in him enjoyed watching his own reflection. Hell, he knew other people liked watching him so why shouldn’t he do it as well?

Too busy watching himself as his lips formed into a slight pout, he didn’t notice the door opening and closing. An arm slipped around his neck and Sungmin jumped a little, grinning at the other man via the mirror. “You scared me.”

A chuckle. “I know.”

“Evil.” Sungmin smiled, putting his hand on the other man’s arm. He made a slight face though as the grip around him tightened. “Ow. It hurts.”

“It’s supposed to.”


“You look really pretty like that.”

“Well, duh.” He rolled his eyes.

“Wouldn’t it be sad if something happened to a pretty face like yours?”

“What do you-" Sungmin’s eyes widened as the cold steel pressed against his cheek. “Hey, put that away!”


“Stop it. It’s not funny.”

The other man moved the knife slightly, causing a tiny amount of blood to surface.

Sungmin whined. “What are you doing?!”

“Oh I guess I was wrong. See? Still pretty.”


“Stop screaming or I’ll slice your face open so badly you’ll be mistaken for ground beef.”

“…” Sungmin blinked, tears forming in his eyes.

Apparently happy with that, the man behind him smiled a little before positioning the knife right in front of Sungmin’s ear, adding just a little bit of pressure. It was like cutting a tomato, he thought to himself as the blade moved slowly along the other man’s jaw line. The first layer was kind of a bitch to get through but as soon as you had, it ran smoothly. And it bled wonderfully, too. He stopped at the chin, noticing that the other was indeed crying.

“Stop being such a whiney bitch.” He moved the blade to the forehead instead. The skin here was a bit easier to cut through and he let the blade leave a red trail as he moved it down to join the other line.

A groan escaped his lips as Sungmin elbowed him in the stomach and he let go of the other man in the process; who ran as far as he could, which wasn’t far at all. The bathroom was big but it wasn’t like there was anywhere to go. There was one exit only; the door which he was currently blocking.

“What are you going to do, Minnie?” He cocked his head to the side, smiling blissfully. “Are you going to hurt me?”

“Fuck you…” It was hard to make out between all the sobs. “Go away!”

He giggled. “No.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Why do you think?”

“Because… Because you’re sick!”

“Maybe.” He started to walk towards the other man who was pressed up against the white tile wall. Everything in this bathroom was so white, he thought to himself. It would be a bitch to clean up for the person who’d be assigned to do that job. Not that anyone would survive to do it. Oh well, there was too little time to think about such things. After all, there were a couple of people to kill and he didn’t have all day. Sniggering to himself, he flung his arm out. The blade dug into Sungmin’s side.

“Dammit!” He snarled. “Can’t you just stand still when I’m trying to stab you?!”

Sungmin brought his hands to the wound as the knife was pulled out, crying like a baby. “Please… stop….”
The knife dug into his body yet another time, and a third time as well. Blood coloured his white shirt red as he fell to the floor. It hurt so much he could barely feel it.

The other man sighed and grinded his teeth. “Can’t you just fucking die sometime?!”


“Because I have other things to do, other people to kill, and you’re taking way too much of my time.”

“But… Why? Why me?”

He sighed a second time and walked up to stand behind Sungmin. Grabbing his hair, he yanked his head back, grinning down at him before placing the blade at his throat. “Goodnight~”


By the time Kibum and Eeteuk found themselves back in the living room it was empty of all other people. They had no idea where everyone else had vanished to, and they really didn’t care much, either. It was difficult to care about anyone else when they were sitting together, close, but not close enough to touch, and every single thought that passed through their minds was about the other.

The awkward tension between them was almost thick enough to cut. Kibum glanced over at Eeteuk, and Eeteuk’s cheeks flushed almost instantly with colour, he’d been watching Kibum.

A smile curved Kibum’s lips. Eeteuk was so cute when he blushed like that.

They sat in a thick, almost uncomfortable silence; Eeteuk looking down and studying the fingers twisting in his lap, and Kibum gazing at the carpet with interest. Kibum had liked Eeteuk for ages now, and he was sure Eeteuk liked him back, but they were still in that awkward stage of friendship where the simple brushing of arms or catching a sneaky glance from the corner of an eye made their breaths speed up and their hearts race.

“What’re you betting that everyone else is already screwing?” Kibum, unable to stand the heavy silence any longer, finally spoke up. But mentioning other people and sex was probably not the wisest of ideas, since he was thinking of Eeteuk. The thought made his cheeks colour slightly.

Eeteuk looked up at him, letting out a short, nervous laugh. “Yeah, probably.”

The silence fell between them again, and Kibum had the urge to smack himself on the forehead. ‘Way to make things more awkward.’

Though, why did things have to be awkward anyway? Kibum liked Eeteuk, Eeteuk liked Kibum, and they both knew it. So why were they still fluttering around each other nervously like this?

Perhaps it was the alcohol – no, it was probably most definitely the alcohol – that made Kibum whisper Eeteuk’s name ever so softly, touch the other man’s chin with his fingers lightly, and press their lips together. It was slow at first, gentle, but as soon as Eeteuk kissed him back, Kibum kissed him harder, his hand sliding back, fingers slipping through Eeteuk’s soft hair as he pulled their faces closer together.

Kibum hadn’t realised just how nice Eeteuk’s lips would feel against his own, how good he would taste under his sweeping tongue. His skin prickled and danced when Eeteuk’s tongue rubbed back against his own, warm, making it just that little bit more difficult for Kibum to breathe regularly.

His other hand slid slowly down Eeteuk’s bare arm, bringing out a soft noise from Eeteuk, making them both tremble together. With one last sweep of his tongue through Eeteuk’s mouth, Kibum pulled back, although not very far, and just stared into Eeteuk’s flushed face. He knew his must look exactly the same.

He couldn’t help but smile then, smile because he was thinking ‘finally, we finally did something’, and Eeteuk smiled back at him, making Kibum’s heart flutter a little.

Fingers still running themselves softly through Eeteuk’s hair, Kibum smiled and said, “Eeteuk, you know, I really li-“

The rest of Kibum’s sentence was drowned out by a loud scream. A moment later, a breathless and crying Ryeowook burst into the room. His eyes were wide and he looked panicked, scared, shocked.

Kibum and Eeteuk froze, staring at Ryeowook in surprise.

It took Ryeowook a couple of attempts to actually get words out, he was speaking too quickly and breathing too fast and crying too much and all the while trying not to scream. When he finally got the words out, sounding shocked and strained and scared, Kibum and Eeteuk just stared on in disbelief.

“Sungmin – in the bathroom – Sungmin – he’s dead!”


Neither of them found it easy to believe Ryeowook as they followed him to the bathroom. He was still crying, sobbing, gasping and mumbling mixed up words, clinging onto Eeteuk’s arm tightly as he showed them the way. If it wasn’t for Ryeowook’s reaction, they both would have thought this some kind of sick joke. But Ryeowook would never pull a prank like this, and he wasn’t that good at acting.

As they got closer to the bathroom it was evident that something had definitely happened, there were bloody footprints on the floor, leading away from where they had come. Kibum’s eyes widened – surprise, horror, disbelief? – as they finally came to the bathroom door, left open, the bright light from inside shining out into the dim hallway.

Ryeowook was mumbling louder to himself, making loud whimpering, almost half-choking noises. He stayed away from the door, back pressed against the wall, as Kibum and Eeteuk walked towards the open doorway and peeked inside.

The horror that met their eyes made them both pale and catch their breaths. Blood, there was so much blood, everywhere, spattered and splattered all over what had before been pristine white tiles and floor and ceiling. It was as if someone had just sprayed a hosepipe carelessly around the room, everywhere, a hosepipe full of blood.

Kibum gasped out loud, one hand coming up to cover his mouth. It was then that the smell hit them. Sharp and tangy, metallic and bitter, and that was just the smell of blood.

He walked forward, further into the room, unaware of the blood he was stepping in as he went for a closer look. For a minute, he didn’t recognize who was on the floor, but he knew who it was, Ryeowook had told him, and when his eyes finally adjusted to the horror they were seeing, Kibum could make out parts of that familiar face for himself.

“His face, oh God, Eeteuk, his face!” Kibum blanched, one arm reaching back, searching for Eeteuk’s, clinging to his hand when he found it, squeezing it tightly with his own.

“What happened?” Eeteuk’s voice was soft, as if perhaps Sungmin would hear them, would get upset if they spoke too loud. But of course, he couldn’t hear them. He never would. “What happened here? Who did this?”

Kibum looked away from the mangled, torn up face that had been Sungmin’s, he had to look away, he couldn’t stand seeing the ruined, blood-spattered flesh any longer. Had to look somewhere, anywhere other than there. He looked up, and his eyes fell upon the mirror opposite him. He was just using it as a distraction, as somewhere to look other than Sungmin’s ruined face, so it took him a moment for his eyes to focus and for him to realise that there was something else in the mirror other than the reflection of the room.

“What’s that on the mirror?” Letting go of Eeteuk’s hand, Kibum walked closer towards the mirror, avoiding Sungmin’s lifeless body without really thinking about it. “There’s something written on there.” He stepped closer still, frowning as his eyes tried to make out the words. He wondered for a moment what had written them, but then realised that it was blood.

“What does it say?” Eeteuk’s voice was shaky as he tore his gaze away from Sungmin and looked over to Kibum. Ryeowook was still out in the hall, sobbing softly to himself.

“It looks like …” his frown deepened as he slowly read out the blood-drawn words on the mirror. “It says ‘You know I wanna out the light.’” Kibum turned, his frown deepening, to stare at Eeteuk wide-eyed.


The sound of the door to the laundry room opening and closing caught his attention. Usually, Shiwon wasn’t one to eavesdrop, but he just couldn’t help grinding his teeth at the taunting sound of the two voices speaking at first and then parting. The steps approaching the kitchen weren’t light and insecure like the ones of a young newcomer; they were confident and strong. Kangin.

Pressing himself against the wall, right next to the doorway, he could see the other man walking past him and into the kitchen; opening one of the cupboards.

“Kim Young Oon.”

Kangin spun around at the sound of his real name; a grin appearing on his face as he saw who it was. “Upset, Shiwon?”

“What makes you think so?” The quick and aggressive answer was a dead giveaway.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I got to taste the fresh meat before you did?” Not finding any more alcohol, he shrugged, closing the distance between them a little. He knew he pissed Shiwon off. He knew it damn well. And he couldn’t help but love it. Maybe, if he was lucky, he’d be able to witness the rich boy having a nervous breakdown.

“Go fuck yourself.”

“Nah, I just fucked Kyuhyun. I’m good, thanks.”

Shiwon’s eyes narrowed and if looks could kill, Kangin would be nothing but a heap of oozing meat on the floor by now.

Kangin tilted his head to the side. “Aw, pissed you didn’t get any?” He patted the other man’s shoulder in a mock-comforting gesture. “Don’t worry. It happens to everyone.”

“Don’t touch me!” He hissed, grabbing Kangin’s wrist which caused the other to stumble a little.

The older man reached out, supporting himself against the wall so that he wouldn’t fall. Unfortunately, he realized, he was now face-to-face with a very surprised-looking Shiwon. He could feel the other man’s breath, angry and heavy, against his face and as he looked up, realizing what a big mistake doing just that was, he found himself staring into dark orbs shining with anger and frustration; a close-up glare, if you may.

“I hate you,” Shiwon spoke; every syllable leaving his lips as if he was spitting the words out.

Kangin could only murmur in response. “I know.”

“I really fucking hate you.” Hot breath against his lips, an intense gaze fixing his own; Shiwon had to struggle hard to keep himself focused. He felt like he repeated the sentence so many times the words almost lost their meaning. Or maybe that was only in his head. But right now that was not important. The important thing was that the son of a bitch heard it.

For a while, all that could be heard was the irregular breathing of the two men as they fought a silent battle. Shiwon was determined he would not lose. So was Kangin. Giving up and averting their gaze was simply not an option.

The kiss was awkward; a result of both men closing the short space between them quickly, even before their minds had any time to react. Lips pressed against lips, but as suddenly as it had happened, they pulled back; flushed cheeks and excusing murmurs on both parts.

Shiwon found himself nibbling occasionally on Kangin’s bottom lip as random curses escaped his own and soon he felt one hand resting on his hip while the other left the wall to trail down his chest.

“Dammit.” He grunted, his own hands moving over to Kangin’s body.

It was as if they were both trying to push each other away but they only ended up closer; bodies pressing against each other as hot breaths and curses escaped into hard kisses and half-hearted nibbles. Shiwon was trying to get away from the wall. Kangin was trying to push the other man against it.

“I really don’t like you.” The younger of the two assured both the other and himself several times as hands made their way underneath his shirt and he had to bite down on the inside of his cheek not to moan, or let out any kind of sound at all. He followed Kangin’s example; his own hands moving underneath the shirt of the other, scratching at the smooth skin.

The sound of a zipper being pulled down echoed through the kitchen and Shiwon’s breathing hitched as he felt warm and steady fingers wrap around his erection. For a fraction of a second he allowed himself to wonder since when Kangin had this effect on him, but as the hand started to move, he quickly pushed the thought away. It was a struggle; to keep himself from bucking his hips up, showing that he wanted more.

Kangin sped up a little. It was rough and quick, just like the random excuses for kisses they shared and he could hear Shiwon’s breathing increasing in both volume and frequency. It was more like heavy panting, which mixed with his own as he pressed closer to the other, feeling sharp nails dig into his side.

“Shit.” The younger moved his hands to tug at Kangin’s belt. “Fucking hell.” He pressed their foreheads together as he tried to focus on breathing as well as trying to get the other man’s trousers out of the way. But it was hard when Kangin’s hands were there and all over him. His fingers only fumbled with the belt buckle as he cursed loudly at his own clumsiness. Finally, he managed, undoing the top button of Kangin’s jeans before pulling him closer by the belt loops.

Maybe he was getting fucked tonight, instead of the other way around. But with the hard bulge in Kangin’s pants pressing against his thigh, he couldn’t care less. His lips lingered on the other’s as he fumbled with the zipper.

“What was that?” Kangin pulled away; eyes widening slightly.

“I don’t know,” Shiwon said, though the tone of his voice said that he meant something along the lines ‘I don’t care’.

The older shook his head and withdrew his hand from inside Shiwon’s underwear. He took a step back, buttoned his jeans and fastened the belt, before speaking again. “That was definitely something. I should check it out.”

Shiwon was out of cuss-words, so he simply muttered incoherent sentences; zipping up his trousers as well. “I’m going.”

But Kangin was already at the kitchen door, pulling the handle down.

The garden was silent. More so than it should be. Kangin stepped out, leaving the door open as he walked into the dark, eyes scanning the area. “Hello?”

Shiwon followed; gaze travelling down Kangin’s back as he walked. He blinked. ‘Ok, why am I checking out his butt?’ He wasn’t, no he definitely wasn’t.

It was hard to see anything due to the dark. Kangin squinted trying to understand what, or who, had caused that noise. It had sounded like a muffled scream; a cry for help. At least he would have thought so if his mind had allowed him to walk down that road. But being a man of reason, he had stopped letting those horror movies get to him ages ago.

“Shiwon.” His eyes widened as he reached out, grabbing the other man’s shirt before pointing ahead of him. “What the hell is that?”

To be continued ...

...Don't you just love us? 8D
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