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14 June 2011 @ 09:10 pm
Shut Up, Babe part 1  
Title: Shut Up, Babe
Author: pinknot_rabbit
Pairing (s): Kangteuk
Rating: pG-13
Summary: Not even in his wildest dreams would Kangin imagine he would living a ‘newlywed’ like live with his brother ex roommate, Leetuk. After many trial and long way they finally seems heading to an understanding. But would Leetuk could defend their live together and love in front of an egoistic older brother and possessive little brother?Had some connection with Haehyuk fic "Switch"

He used to think that Leetuk is very a mature and capable person. All his life is surrounded by an egoistic older brother and a clingy little brother. So it is not a wonder he become attract to Leetuk and intend to get close to him. But his feeling at that time is purely an admiration of a junior. He is normal and right at that time had only date’s girls.