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12 June 2011 @ 07:12 pm
Promises, Promises Chapter 5- Revenge Part 1  
Title: Promises, Promises
Pairing: Kyuhyun/OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Yet.
Summary: What happens when your best friend breaks your promise? And, in the process, breaks your heart? In the early years of your friendship, you and Kyuhyun promised to be each other's valentines, and since then, you stuck through. Even that one year, when that hot (like omg-lee-donghae-hot) guy asked you to be his. No matter how many guys(and no matter how hot they were), you never gave in to the temptation. Because what sort of best friend would you be if you didn't, right? But by the Valentine's Day of junior year, some things have changed...
This is my first fanfic on LJ! I hope you enjoy reading ^^ Please comment :3

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3Chapter 4


Kyuhyun's POV

Kyuhyun, 1; Kyungmi, 0.

Narrator's POV

Eunhyuk, sensing the tension, takes the intiative to find Kyuhyun and his date an available table. "Uh, please come this way, Kyuhyun-sshi."

Kyuhyun shoots a glare at Eunhyuk, and wraps his arm around Seohyun's shoulder.  Kyungmi being furious, and Kyuhyun being his clueless self, no one but Eunhyuk noticed the grimace Seohyun made when Kyuhyun turned the other way to follow him.Confused greatly, Eunhyuk blinked many times, and walked towards their seats. "Here you are. A waiter will be here shortly." Seohyun smiled, and said, "Okay, thank you," then immediately rolled her eyes once Eunhyuk made his way back to the front.

Seohyun's POV

UGH. I can't believe he actually broght me here. I hate Yuri and Jessica unnie… They were the ones who dared me to ask Kyuhyun 'oppa' to be my valentine, in the first place. What? I wouldn't ever like him in a million years. Psh, i mean of all the boys that are drooling over me, why would I choose Kyuhyun? He's so unpopular and bleh-y. I didn't actually think he would take me out on a date, and act as if we were a real couple! This is soo embarrasing! I am soo going to kill my unnies later. But while I'm here, why not have a little fun? Boredom can do a lot to a girl like me.

Kyungmi’s POV

Wow... this night should be interesting. Kyuhyun would bring his 'valentine' here, because he's just immature like that. He likes winning, especially against me, because I'm the only one who actually has a chance of beating him in anything. You see, being his best friend, I know all of his strengths and weaknesses. And believe me, I'm not going to let him win this one. He'll see...

"Hey, Kyungmi! Eunhyuk! Come over here!" Leeteuk oppa shouts from the kitchen.

Hmm, I know that tone of voice. Teukie oppa is either really stressed out about something, or he needs to take a crap. But, seeing as it’s only the second Monday, of a Feburary, and since it’s not a leap year, he's most likely just stressed. Suddenly, Eunhyuk grabs my hand, and I look up at him with my head tilted to the side.

Eunhyuk blushes a light shade of pink. "Oh, uh. We should hurry, it sounds like an emergency…"

I just nod and smile. He's so cute when he's shy! We walk to the kitchen, and find a panicking Leeteuk. I giggle, because a freaked Leeteuk is a humorous sight, indeed. "What's the problem, hyung?"

"You two! When does your shift end?"

I glance at the invisible watch on my wrist, and say,"I dunno."

"It ends in like five minutes, hyung. Why?

"Because!! The band that we booked today cancelled, since their lead singer got into an accident."

"Oh my gosh! What happened? Is he okay?"

"Huh? Oh, haha, not that kind of accident. He just had an accident in his pants, so they had to go back to their dorm to get him an extra pair."

"And this involves us how...?" I ask, getting just a bit confused.

"I need someone to stall the stage for me. Can you guys do this for me? Pleeeeaassee?"

Whoever said that older guys don't know how to do ageyo is wrong! Teukie oppa can do it just fine, and it’s quite effective too.

"Sure, oppa! We can do that!" I say automatically, and Eunhyuk looks at me with a look that said 'What-do-you-think-you're-doing?!'.

I give him my most innoccent smile, and looked away, because now he's glaring.

"Okay, great! Thanks, guys, this means a lot! Go put these on, and go rehearse! You're on in an hour!" he shoved a bunch of clothes at us, and ran back to his cooking. I look over at Eunhyuk who was looking annoyed, so I give him a pout.

"What? Just do it for the cafe! Pwease, oppa?" I say with my most persuasive voice.

I even threw in an 'oppa'. Ha, that one always works. Eunhyuk sighs in defeat, and I grin widely at him.

"Come on, let's go reahearse…"

Yayy! This day is becoming really fun!

We decided to go to the employee's lounge to plan out our performance, and rehearse. "What should our concept be?"

Huh. Why do we need a concept? While I'm thinking, I go to the clothes Leeteuk oppa gave us, and unfold them. My eyes instantly widen, and Eunhyuk coughs and looks away. The clothes were really simple, but they also had style. All I was wearing was black skinny jeans, tight red tank top, and high heels. HIGH HEELS. Teukie oppa's trying to kill me...

"I guess we know the concept now…"

"What? Sexy? I can't exactly do sexy!!"

"Just be yourself," Eunhyuk gives me a wink before grabbing his clothes and heads towards the changing room. Now it was my turn to blush. How will I pull this off? I go to change, and then a brilliant, ingenious thought invades my mind. Mwahahaha! CHO KYUHYUN, YOU WILL PAY.

I was planning my revenge carefully as I walked out of the changing room. Then I see Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk is really cute and all, but he can be so hot when he wants to be. Like now. He is just absolutely smoking...

"Kyungmi? Heeellloo? Earth to Kyungmi!!" Eunhyuk said as he waved his hand in front of my face. I shake my head and blink.

"Oh, sorry. I was just, uh..."

Eunhyuk grins at me. "Yeah, I know." I felt my face turn a deep shade of red, and looked away.

"Let's just practice now!"

"Okay. I already got this planned out."

He tells me the songs we could sing, and then we decide to choreograph a dance too. Eunhyuk is sooo good at dancing. And singing. Okay, he's perfect. Finally, at 10 minutes before we were supposed to start 'stalling', we finished our rehearsal.

We walk out to the kitchen, where a still much panicked Leeteuk was waiting. "Are you guys rea- woah.. looking good, Kyungmi..."

"Okay, that's enough staring, hyung! We're ready!"

Leeteuk looks at me, then to Eunhyuk. He had a very suspicious look in his eyes, then a grin spread across his face. "You guys are....?"

He let out a high pitched laugh, that startled anyone of a 5-ft radius. Which included me. How could a sound like that come from our manly and charming Angel? "That's so cute! Congratulations, guys!"

"Uh, thanks? For what...?" I ask, getting really confused.

"Never mind, never mind. All right guys, get on that stage, and kick butt! No pressure, though."

I gulp. I've performed at the cafe before, but there was much less people, and I was only messing around. But this is for real now. I look at Eunhyuk, and he nods, and we walk up on stage. I look around, and my eyes meet with Kyuhyun's. I smirk when I see his face, and the nervousness passes. This is going to be some sweet revenge.

Kyuhyun's POV

'Hey, hey, hey! Don't be a bad sport!'


Kyuhyun,1; Kyungmi, 1.


(A/N): Look forward to the second part of this chapter ;)