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08 June 2011 @ 11:06 am
Promises, Promises Chapter 2- Chocolates for You?  
Title: Promises, Promises
Pairing: Kyuhyun/OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Yet.
Summary: What happens when your best friend breaks your promise? And, in the process, breaks your heart? In the early years of your friendship, you and Kyuhyun promised to be each other's valentines, and since then, you stuck through. Even that one year, when that hot (like omg-lee-donghae-hot) guy asked you to be his. No matter how many guys(and no matter how hot they were), you never gave in to the temptation. Because what sort of best friend would you be if you didn't, right? But by the Valentine's Day of junior year, some things have changed...
This is my first fanfic on LJ! I hope you enjoy reading ^^ Please comment :3

Chapter 1


Narrator's POV

Kyungmi pants as she finally reaches homeroom. She looks around and sees Eunhyuk, her seatmate, waving at her. Kyungmi felt her heart flutter, seeing Eunhyuk waiting for her. 'That's weird...’Kyungmi thinks, feeling her heart. She quickly shakes it off, as the bell had already rang, and the teacher was beginning to give her signs of impatience.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" Kyungmi whispers as she takes her seat next to him.

Eunhyuk looks up abruptly, then slowly lowers his head, seeming to be in deep internal conflict. Kyungmi, waiting for his greeting in return, wondered if there was anything wrong with what she said, or if she did anything to offend him the day before. Finally, Eunhyuk replied, quite slowly, "Uh, yeah, about that..." He rubs the back of his neck, and gives Kyungmi an embarrassed smile with hopeful eyes.

Kyungmi's POV

Oh God, no! No, no, no, no, no! I know that expression! The puppy dog eyes and the shy gestures? That can only mean one thing! Especially on a Valentine's Day!

Ugh, sometimes I really regret making that promise with Kyu...


-Four Years Ago, Valentine's Day-

The cute, new student approached me, hands behind his back, looking really nervous. I don't know why, but my stomach started getting butterflies in them just looking at him. What was his name again? Dongjoon? Nooo. Dongho? No, that's not it either. OH! I got it! Donghae! Right, Lee Donghae, the transfer student from Mokpo. He arrived just last week, and the girls are already swooning all over him. But who could blame them? This boy was good looking. And okay, I might have a teeny tiny crush on him.

"Kyungmi, are you okay? Why are you hyperventilating?" the person beside me asks.

I look to see who it was, and who else could it be, but the one and only, Cho Kyuhyun. I sigh. Leave it to Kyuhyun to ruin a totally perfect moment. Meh.

"I wasn't hyperventilating, I wa-"

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned around to see Donghae smiling at me. Oh gosh, I just about melted into the floor. "Uhh hi, Kyungmi. I'm the new transfer, Donghae. I was wondering if..."

I totally zoned out, because I knew exactly what he was going to say. I began imagining the blossoming of our new, beautiful relationship throughout middle school, high school, and maybe even college. Then, just as I get to the part where he's proposing to me by the Han River, fireworks and all…

"Sorry, she already has a valentine."

Wait what?! I looked at the source of the insane statement, which was a smirking Kyuhyun.

"Oh, okay. Uh, I'm sorry I bothered you," Donghae, who was smiling confidently at me just five seconds ago, now talked to his feet.

"I'll be going now." He ran as fast as he could to the nearest boys' bathroom, and I could've sworn his eyes had some water-like substance welling up in them. That was the last time I talked to Lee Donghae.

I quickly turn my glare to my grinning best friend. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?" I yelled, grabbing the attention of the whole cafeteria.

"Ahh, sorry, sorry. Please continue your meal,” I say while bowing my head repeatedly, feeling  the color rise to my cheeks. Now, Kyuhyun was all out, cracking up on the floor. GRRR!! I grabbed his arm, and drag him out to the hallway, tightening my hold, though he wasn't putting up much of a fight. Not that he was a match for me or anything. Kyu wasn't exactly- how do I say this… fit. Yeah, he doesn't get out much, seeing as he has this overwhelming obsession for anything that involves the words 'video' and 'game'.

"Yah!! What's your problem? How could you say that I have a valentine when I clearly don't!!?” I yelled. Well, as loud as you can yell in a hallway filled with classrooms occupied by teachers, who you did not exactly want to mess with, seeing as this was their only break throughout the day from their students, and you know how that is.

"Oh, but you do, Kyungmi.  Don't you remember?" Kyuhyun said, with a smug look on his face.

My eyes widen, as I begin to remember the Valentine's Day of the year before. Right... WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?! Woooow, this figures, the year I already have a valentine, someone finally asks me. AND MY VALENTINE ISN'T EVEN REAL. Well, technically, he is, but he's not like a
legit valentine. Like a person I actually want to be with. Romantically. On a date. Today.

I mean Kyuhyun's great and all, but look at him. He's just so... Kyuhyun. "Yah, you have to keep your promise! You pinky swore!"

Oh snap, that's right. I rolled my eyes. Kyuhyun takes his pinky promises very seriously.

"Fine, fine."

What have I gotten myself into?


Yeah, so, basically, my Valentine's Days went downhill after seventh grade. Don't get me wrong, Kyu's my best friend, and he tries to actually swallow the chocolates I make for him now (that's good progress, right?), but sometimes, I wish I could have a valentine that was an actual valentine. Not one that I got out of a silly pinky swear. But what could I do? A promise is a promise, and I have to keep it. Even if it means rejecting the cutest guys at school. Or in other cases, it means Kyuhyun interrupting any conversation I have with a guy on Valentine's, while giving me the ‘don’t-you-even-think-about-it-remember-your-promise!’ look. I know this look very well.

But somehow, this felt completely different. Looking at Eunhyuk's face, I couldn't think of a way to reject him gently. And I definitely didn't want to hurt Eunhyuk! He's one of my few other guy friends, other than Kyu, and I know he's really fragile. If I reject him he'll be crushed! Where's Kyuhyun when I nee-

"Uh, Kyungmi? Did you hear what I just said?" I was snapped out of my thoughts with a worried sounding Eunhyuk.

Crap! Did he say something?

Eunhyuk's POV

This isn't going as well as I thought it would... This probably isn't the best time to confess, anyways. Gosh, Eunhyuk! What's wrong with you?! You rehearse in front the mirror for four hours straight the night before, and you can't even speak 10 seconds with the actual person!

"Oh, sorry, Eunhyuk-sshi, can you repeat that?" How can anyone look so cute while just asking a simple question?!

"Uh... Uh..." Crap! What was I going to say again? "Never mind…"

"Mr. Lee! Ms. Park! Would you like to join us in class, or maybe you can do your flirting elsewhere? I am well aware it is Valentine's Day, but I have a lesson to teach!" Professor Kim shouts at us.

Great! Now you got Kyungmi in trouble! Now she probably hates you. I mentally facepalm myself, and slowly sink down into my seat.
Kyungmi didn't talk to me for the rest of the period.

Love sucks.

Kyungmi's POV

See what you did, Kyungmi? You got Eunhyuk in trouble! He's probably really mad at you now. Maybe it's best if you just leave him alone. He looks so miserable! Nice going, idiot. I mentally smack myself, and try my best to pay attention in class. But it’s pretty hard to take notes if you got a load of guilt hanging on your shoulders.

Kyuhyun's POV

Sooo tired. And bored. I wonder where Kyungmi was this morning? Usually, she's waiting for me in front of my house, so we could walk to school together. I don't know. I just want to sl- Zzzzz...Zzzzz...Zzzzz...

pureclouds on June 9th, 2011 11:43 am (UTC)
can donghae get any cuter? so precious.

I totally zoned out, because I knew exactly what he was going to say. I began imagining the blossoming of our new, beautiful relationship throughout middle school, high school, and maybe even college. Then, just as I get to the part where he's proposing to me by the Han River, fireworks and all… <------ omagahhh i totally LOLed at this.this is just hilarious.kekekeke

great work hun! ^^
(Deleted comment)
pureclouds on June 10th, 2011 11:47 am (UTC)
kyuhyun is hot. i don't blame you.

aahhh dont worry.it happens.
its their loss anyway. ^^