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au contest voting

VOTE TIME! :D We've got thirteen lovely entries (to match thirteen lovely members!) this time around, so yey~ But don't rush to make your choice yet -- first, there are some announcements.

Jei and I did some talking and we decided on a slightly different system of voting. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR VOTE.

Sorry to spring this on you, but I ran through the numbers for the last two contests and winners were taking places due to only about 4 or maybe 5 votes. It just doesn't look very fair, especially with so many fics. So now we ask for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices in that order. Every time an entry is voted "1st" it will be awarded 3 points, "2nd" gets 2 points, "3rd" gets 1 point. We'll tally up the points and decide winners that way. Because there are so many entries, this also gives you a chance to vote for more than just one fic that you like. Keep in mind this rule is subject to change depending on how many entries we get a contest. :)

Also, we'd like to add that you may no longer vote for your own works. It messes up the numbers and those who don't vote for themselves based on principle are at a disadvantage. Normally we're okay with voting for yourself if you really believe yours is the best out of all the choices, but there's no way for us to be sure you're being completely honest about that. We believe this is the fairest solution.

Now, onto the fics and your votes! Below I've linked to every entry submitted for the AU Contest. Reply to this post with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorites in that order. All comments are screened. You have until Tuesday July 11th @ 11:59 pm EST to get your votes in.

01. The Sea isn't that Far Away by gado
02. The Ups and Downs of Being Unique, or, Compatible by quixoxotic
03. Make it Memorable by choisiwon
04. Chicken Hunt by akumasan_x
05. Simple Harmonic Motions by duntuchdakei
06. The Ghost of Christmas Smiles by prince_eros
07. From Manly to Beautiful by kawaiibabyheero
08. Fake Face by magnolium
09. More than a Plush by tinybluemarble
10. Vulnerable by taylormercury
11. And the road a-winding goes by addandsubtract
12. Meet Me in 1936 by missnhaca
13. No Limit by nis_chan
Tags: contest: 2006 au

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