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Title: Exhaustion

Title: Exhaustion

Pairing: WonKyuMi

Genre: smut, pwp, romance

Word Count: 674

Warning: use of toys, no real plot

Summary:  Kyuhyun is tired. Siwon and Zhoumi are horny. Guess who wins.

A/N: Birthday present for molecule_d




Kyuhyun collapsed on the bed. He had already finished showering and had changed. They just came back from their concerts, and it was one in the morning.


“Hey, Kyu.”


Kyuhyun sat up to see the smirking faces of his two boyfriends, holding a box. And as soon as he saw those smirks (and the suspicious box), he knew what they wanted.


“No,” Kyuhyun said firmly. “No, No, N— Ahhh!”


Zhoumi had gone and pulled of his pants and boxers in one go, and immediately started stroking his limp member to life; while Siwon started unbuttoning his shirt, licking and nipping all the way.


“G-Guys… I s-said no!” Kyuhyun whimpered as Siwon’s tongue circled around his nipple.


“But, Kuixian, you’re enjoying it so much!” Zhoumi smirked. His tone was all smiley, but his face was full of lust.


Zhoumi went up and began attacking Kyuhyun’s mouth, thrusting his tongue into him.

Soon he was in a daze, and Zhoumi went to pinching his nipples as Siwon went downwards.


Siwon looked at Zhoumi, and Zhoumi nodded. It was time. Siwon opened the box and pulled out a pink vibrator and shoved it into Kyuhyun’s unprepared entrance.


A scream ripped out of Kyuhyun, but before he could try to pull it out, his hands were handcuffed to the bedposts. Siwon pressed the button and vibrations went through him.


“Let me go!” Kyuhyun whined, which raised their eyebrows. He tried to squirm out of them, but it only succeeded in making the vibrator go in deeper.



Zhoumi pushed the vibrator in until it hit his prostate, and wiggled it around, enjoying Kyuhyun’s screams.


“P-Please…” Kyuhyun panted as he recovered from the sensation.


“Please what Kuixian?” Zhoumi smirked, nipping at Kyuhyun’s red abused lips.


“P-please... fuck me..” he begged.


Zhoumi did so as he lubed up his member and positioned in front of Kyuhyun’s entrance. But instead of thrusting into him, he wiggled the tip of his erection in front of Kyuhyun’s hole.


Kyuhyun grew frustrated, which amused Siwon greatly. “Do you want me to get into you too, Kyuhyun?” he said jokingly.


Too his surprise, he nodded.


Siwon nudged Zhoumi and told him to go in. He thrusted into Kyuhyun in one go, making his arch back, screaming. As soon as Zhoumi got settled, Siwon slowly entered into Kyuhyun slowly.


Zhoumi whispered comforting words in his ear, as Siwon went in, inch by inch. As soon as he was settled in, Kyuhyun moaned. He had never felt his full in his life before.


When he the pain stopped, he breathed out, “Move.”


Zhoumi and Siwon started thrusting slowly, but the pace soon built up, and Zhoumi found his prostate. (He was always really good at that.)


Zhoumi smirked at Siwon, and he understood. They took turns hitting Kyuhyun’s prostate, giving him the never ending sensation of it.


“Ahn!! More! More!” Kyuhyun begged.


And they did, thrusting faster, and harder. They played with his member, and licked, sucked, and bit every expanse of pale skin they could reach.


Soon Kyuhyun’s walls started convulsing around them, and Zhoumi and Siwon could feel that they were close.


But, Kyuhyun suddenly came, screaming their names, his walls clenching around them tightly. They came suddenly, as hearing their names being screamed by the incredibly submissive boyfriend, and Kyuhyun and clenched around them so tightly.


Zhoumi and Siwon spurted their come into Kyuhyun, until he was sure it wasn’t going to fit all in there. Some burst out the side, and he blushed lightly as he felt both of their cum go down his thigh.


Kyuhyun collapsed, and kissed both of them. “You know I love you guys, right?” he said innocently, blushing slightly; cheeks turning pink.


“Ahh!! Kuixian your’re so cute!!” Zhoumi squealed, pinching his cheeks.


Siwon smiled and kissed him, “You could give us boners again.”


“Actually, I’m sorta hard right now…” Zhoumi smirked.


Siwon smirked too. “Want a round two, Kyuhyun?”


They looked at him and found the youngest fast asleep, knocked out, and unable to take care of their ‘problems’.



/The End




HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAYYY molecule_d !!!!!!!

I tried to do an OT4… but I wasn’t sure who I would throw in there. ^^

Tags: ot3: zhoumi/siwon/kyuhyun

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