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02 June 2011 @ 11:27 am
Me x Jungsu  
Paring: Leeteuk x Moon Chae Rin 
Rating: pg 13
Summary:after your stupid boyfriend dumped you, you meet Park Jungsu..

It was a nice day... yeah, it was a nice day until my stupid boyfriend dumped me. He told me if he already had someone else, and he cheated with me all this time. What a good boy friend he is.. Well, even I’m not madly in love with him I’m crying now because I feel like such an idiot to believe every lie he told me back then.
That night I end up in the noodle shop, I ordered a bowl of noodle but somehow I lost my appetite so I just stared at my noodle. Then I ordered a bottle of beer, I forgot how many bottle I’ve ordered but my vision getting blurry now. Suddenly someone sat in front of me, I lifted my face and saw his face, I never see him before.
“Hi, mind if I sit here?”
“Why not?” I decided to play a little game that day.
“Are you alone? What’s your name?”
“Chaerin, and yes I’m alone. What is your name?”
“Hyukjae, wanna go somewhere with me?”
I just smiled then slung my bag, then I walked to the counter to pay my bill, I completely realized if that guy following me.
“It looks like you have a problem, no offense but you drink a lot.”
“Are you enjoying watching me all the time, Hyukjae-ssi?”
“Yeah,” he flashed me a gummy smile.
Suddenly someone walked out from the noodle shop then looked at us, I don’t know who is he of course but all of sudden he pulled me to his embrace. What the hell?
“She is mine, search another girl for you, Hyukjae.”
“Fine, hyung!” Hyukjae gritted his teeth then entered the noodle shop again.
“Who are you?” I asked him.
“Are you stupid or what, young lady? Maybe you have a problem but don’t waste yourself like this, all lot of guy will take advantage from your condition.”
“That’s none of your business, I don’t even know you!”
“Then let me introducing myself, my name is Park Jungsu.”
“I don’t care!” then I turned around, suddenly I tripped in my high heels.
I’m ready to fall to the ground but he caught me in his arms, my heart skipped a beat and I have to admit that. I can feel my left foot in pain, it looks like he noticed that because suddenly he lifted me in his arms and put me in the nearest bench. He kneeled down then massaged my left foot.
“I don’t understand why woman has to wear high heels?”
He makes me speechless somehow, so I just staring at him blankly while he is massaging my left foot. He looked at me then smiled, I could see dimple in the left side of his face.
“Feeling better?” he asked.
I just nodded then stood up from the bench, he helped me to stand up. Then he took off his coat then put in on me.
“It is a cold night, but you’re wearing a thin sweater, you may get sick you know. I can’t stand to see a woman in such a condition.”
I could feel my cheeks blushing now, I lifted my face and saw him who currently stopped a taxi. After spoke to the driver he looked at me.
“You better go home because it is late now, and its dangerous for a woman to take a bus or walk alone at this hour.”
“Thank you very much, Jungsu-ssi.”
He smiled then turned around ready to enter the noodle shop.
“Wait,” I yelled unconsciously, “my name is Moon Chaerin!”
“I know that,” he smiled then waved at me, at that moment I know if he already stole my heart.
It has been 3 days since my encounter with Jungsu and I never meet him again. I sighed then looked at his white coat, he gave it to me that night. To be honest I want to meet him again and return this coat back to him. I slipped my hand to the pocket in that coat, I could feel something so I pulled it and realized it if it is a paper.
“Jungsu Park.. Haneul Paran Hospital. He is a doctor?”
I decided to go to the hospital but unfortunately when I arrived at the hospital and asked about him he is not there at the moment. Disappointed I decided to go home, I’m walking in the parking lot when suddenly someone bumped into me. I lifted my face ready to cursed, but instead of cursing I’m smiling because I can see that dimple again!
“Chaerin-ssi,” he smiled to me, “it’s nice to see you again. What are you doing here?”
“I want to return this coat to you,” I handed the carton bag to him.
“Waw, it’s a surprise to see you here, I mean I didn’t except to meet you again,” he still smiled, “have you eat your lunch?”
“No, I haven’t.”
“Let’s get lunch together then!”
Of course I can’t say no, right? That day he treat me noodle for my lunch, it seems like he likes noodle so much because every time we meet he always ate noodle.
“I don’t know if you’re a doctor, no offense but you look… emm, isn’t a serious person.”
“Ahaha, that’s because I don’t want to become a scary doctor, my cheerfulness will make my patient mood brighter than before. Am I talking too much?”
“No,” I shook my head, “hey, do you mind if next time I bring some lunch for you. I’m not a great cook, but at least I can cook.”
“Of course, I’d happy to eat the food that you made.”
After finished our meal we walked together to the hospital.
“Well,” he said, “I have a good time with you, thank you very much.”
“Me too, thanks for the lunch.”
I smiled again then nodded and turned around to go home, deep inside I hope he will call my name and tell me to be careful.
Suddenly I could feel my left arms being grabbed by someone, then my heart almost stop beating because Jungsu’s face is so close with me, I could see his eyes very clearly. His right hand trailing around my cheek then suddenly he kissed my cheek and whispered something.
“I’d love to see you again,” he smirked then left.
Holly shit! He such a tease for God’s sake!

Its 3 days later I decided to go to the hospital with my home made lunch, I hope he will like it since I give my best to this dish! I admire my reflection in the mirror, sure I look beautiful now, it feels like having a first date with your boyfriend kekeke.
Finally I arrived in hospital, I asked the nurse station where is his office after that I went to the direction that nurse told me.
“Surprise, it’s me Chae..rin. Jungsu-ah…?”
My jaw dropped when I saw a guy is hugging him and snuggling to him, he is ready to kiss my Jungu! OMFG what the fuck is going in here??!!
“Chaerin-ah,” Jungsu startled, “I don’t think this is the right time and…”
“Fuck you, Jungsu!!”
Without hesitant I threw my lunch to him then ran as fast as I can. That’s why he was so friendly because he is a gay, oh yeah great you fell to a guy, Chaerin. Guy sucks, I don’t want to involve in stupid relationship again, maybe I won’t marry till the rest of my life!

That stupid Jungsu didn’t try to call me even its already 4 days since I threw him with food, oh I forgot that if he doesn’t have my number. Clearly nothing I could do about him, that stupid man!
I’m ready to eat my dinner when suddenly someone rang my apartment bell. I threw my spoon then walked to the front door to open the door, I opened the door startled for a second then closed it again…
What the hell is going on? Park fucking Jungsu in front of my door!!!!!
“What do you want, jerk?” I yelled so he could hear me.
“I need to tell you if that guy is nothing to me.”
“That’s okay if you love him I get that! You don’t need to make a stupid excuse.”
“He is a gay, but I’m not a gay! Listen, he is one of my patient. I’m a psychiater for God’s sake, if you don’t believe me I I bring his paper so you could see it.”
“Like hell I want to see!”
“Chaerin, please. Just give me one chance.”
I grumbled then opened the door, suddenly he pinned me to the wall. I gasped and ready to scream but he captured my lips with his. Unconsciously I pulled his neck to deepen the kiss, I could taste honey and lemon in my lips. My lungs screamed for air, so I pushed him and tried to regain some air then looked at him with disbelief.
“Damn, you’re a good kisser. No way you’re a gay.”
“I already told you so, here’s the paper. See?! He is my patient!”
I smirked then threw those stupid papers,I don’t want to read the details actually. So I pinned him to the wall and looked at his eyes. He smiled then kissed me again.
“How did you find my address?” I asked him between the kiss.
“The lunch you brought me 4 days ago, you’re so childish to write down your name and your address there.”
“But you like it right?”
He didn’t answer my question then kissed me again, I guess he does like it!
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