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fic: Hey, Mommy?

Title: Hey, Mommy?
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Kid!2min
Word Count: 1,777
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: Minho is a curious young boy that loves his mother.

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, & 24/7

Oh, silly not-worksafe picture under the cut.


Little Minho was a curious young boy with many questions.

Mommy was working from home, so he was available most of the time when he wasn't busy working on his projects. If Minho was lucky and persistent enough, he could get the answer he wanted from Mommy, like that time when he asked about why his mother fell in love with Daddy. Yet Minho's questions were usually met with a glare, a pair of rolled eyes, and/or sentences similar to “Don't bug me,” or “Ask your Daddy,” or “You're asking too many questions.”

Like that time when he saw Daddy kissed Mommy who scowled as usual at the affection. After Daddy was gone, Minho asked him, “Hey Mommy, how does it feel to be kissed?”

Mommy glared at him, “Don't ask questions like that.”

“So you hate it? You looked angry.”

“...It's not that...”

“So you like it?”

Mommy turned red and stomped off, leaving Minho's curiousity unfulfilled, “Mommy! Why do you look angry if you like it, then??” He would have to ask Daddy later on, because he really needed to know if Taeminie would enjoy being kissed.

Or that time when he saw his mother limping out of the bedroom. “Mommy, are you sick?”

“No,” came a curt answer.

“Why are you walking strangely? Did Daddy hurt you?” His parents were fighting last night. Well, more like Mommy was sulking at Daddy as usual before he stormed towards the bedroom. Daddy followed him soon after and the bedroom door was shut tight for the rest of the night.

“No!” Mommy blushed madly.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“One more question and you’ll be grounded for the rest of the week!”

That shut Minho up.

On the other hand, Daddy usually answered to his questions patiently one by one, so when he was around, he would ask him. But Daddy was busy working most of the time, not to mention those trips outside of town, including now.

His father had been gone for almost two weeks now, far exceeding his normal two or three days. Minho missed his gentle laugh, his affectionate responses to any of Minho's antics and his delicious cooking. He also missed being taken to the school in the morning (Taemin's father did it for now) and being kissed goodnight in the evening (his mother would never do such thing).

But on top of everything, the little boy missed Daddy's sure ways to make Mommy smile. A smile so beautiful and rare that Minho loved. His Taeminie smiled cutely and he loved it too, but his Mommy's smile was just... different.

“Hey, Mommy?”


“I miss Daddy.”

“Your Daddy will be home in a few hours. Don't be such a baby.”

“Do you miss him?”

“No.” It was a quick response without hesitation, but Minho, being a smart boy he was, could see that Mommy refused to look at him when he answered. That, and the way Mommy painted over the line on his sketch. Mommy cursed in a low tone (in an attempt to prevent Minho from hearing it, but Minho had a perfectly working pair of ears) and grabbed the white paint to fix the damage.

Right then, the phone rang.

Mommy picked up the phone and Minho watched as his face grew sour along with the conversation. “You said you would... Well, your project should've... No, I don't, Minho... Fine. You know what? Don't even bother to come home.” He slammed the phone onto the receiver and rushed to the kitchen. Minho followed him right on time to see Mommy pulled out a slice of plain cheese cake, Daddy's favorite (most likely bought when Minho was at school because he didn't see that cake this morning), and shoved it into the trash bin.

Just then he caught the stare from his son. “Your Daddy's not coming home tonight.”

Minho widened his eyes. “What?? Why?”

“Go ask him yourself,” Mommy snapped and turned around, and this was usually the point where Minho stopped asking. Not because he was afraid of his mother, but because he noticed the dejected look.

But the little boy himself was currently too upset by the news. “When will he come home then, Mommy?”

“He said he didn't know.” That was final, and his mother walked towards the bedroom. “Minho, I'm going to take a nap. Don't bother me, okay?” He said without looking back before he shut the door.

Minho spent the rest of the day moping. He did cheer up a bit when Taeminie came by and played puzzle with him, but his boyfriend had to go home in the end. After long, boring hours watching television, he decided to just go to bed, on which he spent some more time staring at the ceiling before sleepiness took over him.

He jerked awake, though, when a gentle kiss was placed on his forehead. “Daddy...?” he mumbled sleepily.

“...No,” Mommy's voice answered, causing Minho to open his eyes wide. From the look on Mommy's face, he didn't expect Minho to be awake. It was rare enough for Mommy to be in his room, even rarer that he kissed him goodnight. For some reason, Mommy looked tired, sad, and lonely (although he would get hit if he said that out loud), and Minho hated seeing him like that. But Daddy was the expert at cheering Mommy up, while Minho still had a lot to learn...

“Mommy, can you sleep with me?”

His mother seemed taken aback. There were times when Minho would sleep with his parents, but never just him and Mommy. “But...”


“Well...” He pondered some more and sighed, “Okay. But only this one time.”

Minho beamed and scooted to the side, giving his mother some space on his bed. As Mommy settled comfortably and Minho snuggled against his chest, the little boy applauded himself for the slightly fading loneliness and sadness on Mommy's features. Added to that, his mother fell asleep soon after. So he guessed right— his mother couldn't sleep earlier. He watched his mother sleeping and remembered how much his father loved seeing him like this. Minho never understood why before, but maybe he got it now. He wondered if he should ask Taeminie to sleep in front of him tomorrow.

Anyway, now he couldn't sleep. He kept on staring at Mommy and strangely felt like detesting his father for letting his mother suffer like this. After half-wondered about what his father could be doing, he slowly extracted himself from his mother's side and sneaked out of the room. Five minutes later, he returned and kissed Mommy’s cheek before drifting to sleep.

Sometime before dawn, Minho felt a familiar big hand caressing his head. He could hear his mother’s surprised gasp and whisper, “...Why are you here?”

“Ssh, Minho’s sleeping.”

“But you said...”

Silence filled the room, and Minho groggily cracked one eye open to see his father kissing Mommy, who gradually wrapped his arms around his husband. Daddy picked him up easily, never breaking the kiss, and carried him all the way out, possibly to their own bedroom.

Minho caught the sight of his mother’s contented expression and he smiled as he went back to sleep.


“Minho called me last night,” Siwon mumbled as he kissed his way through his wife’s exposed chest. “I swear he loves you more than me. He scolded me for making you feel lonely.”

Kyuhyun’s face reddened, “I’m not—.”

“I don’t expect you to admit it,” the taller man chuckled. “But I believe Minho is a smart boy. He’s our son after all.”

Kyuhyun scowled and turned to the side. That didn’t stop Siwon from lapping on his jaw, though. “So you don’t miss me at all, Kyu? Not just a bit?”

There was no answer, not until Siwon began the process of making a mark on the younger man’s neck. “...Y-you were gone for a long time, asshole.” A subtle hint of ‘of course I missed you’ laid there, and Siwon could spot it perfectly.

“Then, before we get naked, I have to tell you that I will need to return before noon.”

Kyuhyun snapped his head towards Siwon and barked, “Then don’t return at all!” He shoved Siwon away, but the other man barely budged as he was prepared for this reaction.

“I’m sorry, Kyu. You know I don’t want anything but to stay with you and Minho. When Minho told me how down you’ve been—.”

“I said I wasn’t—.”

“—I took the last flight here so I can tell you how much I miss you.” As if to prove his point, he caressed the skin on Kyuhyun’s abdomen as he made him to lay flat on his back again. “I wanted to keep it as a surprise, but... Actually, I’m trying to finish this project sooner than the initial schedule so I can take a week off.”

“...So?” Kyuhyun tried to sound angry, but it was hard to do so when he was being touched and kissed all over.

“Minho’s holiday is coming up, so I want to take you two on a vacation.”

The younger man widened his eyes, instantly forgetting that he was supposed to be angry. “Really...?”

“Yeah,” Siwon smiled and kissed him square on the lips. “Now, can I make love to my wife before I have to fly away again?”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at the word ‘wife’, but he smiled nonetheless —the kind of smile he only showed Siwon, but no one needed to know that— as he reached up to pull Siwon towards him.


“Ok, I’m leaving,” Siwon said in the doorway. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Maybe two days or so, but if I don’t make it, don’t be mad.”

“I will be mad again if I see Mommy gets sad— mmh!” Minho’s words were cut off when Kyuhyun clamped a hand over his mouth. He raised questioning brows at his mother, but Kyuhyun only glared at him while Siwon stifled a chuckle.

“Just go and finish your work,” Kyuhyun then said to Siwon. “Oh, and...”

Siwon waited for him to continue, but Kyuhyun didn’t say anything else until he turned around, back-facing Siwon. “And don’t get overworked.”

The taller man beamed, even more when he noticed Kyuhyun’s red ears. He embraced the man from the back and kissed the nape of his neck, “I love you.”

“Daddy, I want a hug too!” Minho demanded.

“Of course, of course,” Siwon picked his son up. “Take care of Mommy for me, ok?”

Minho gave him a salute, emitted a laugh from Siwon who promptly placed a wet kiss on his cheek. “Daddy! Eww!!”


The end~

a/n: There, syunkyu@tumblr, your “Hey, Mommy?” :D
a/n 2: Because pinku_kireru made me this in her tumblr


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