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Fic: 24/7

Title: 24/7
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Kid!2min
Word Count: 1,891
Rating: NC-17 for one little smutty scene
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Notes: Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy? & HIMYM

A day in the Choi family went like this.

In the morning, Siwon the father would wake up first. Apart from the fact that he was a morning person, he also treasured the few minutes available to watch the sleeping figure of his spouse. In some of the mornings, his mate’s hair would be in disarray and he would look tired as hell because he would’ve just slept for an hour or two due to his work. In other mornings, his mate would look less tired and less stressed. Not because he got more time to sleep, but because he was gaming instead of working. Siwon found both versions equally adorable.

Kyuhyun, the mother, was the exact opposite of the term ‘morning person’. As mentioned earlier, he lacked sleep almost every day. Unfortunately, Siwon would wake him up anyway with kisses and annoying touches. If he was lucky, it would stop at that and he would still have to wake up to eat something because Siwon insisted that breakfast was an important part of the day. If he was unlucky, like today, the kisses and touches would turn into something more, and he wouldn’t have the strength to resist because he was still sleepy and in daze. Then he would still have to wake up to eat breakfast.

Their seven year old son, Minho, would wake up last after his Daddy forced him to get out of the bed. He would clean himself up with closed eyes and would only feel refreshed when he faced the sweet scent of breakfast. His Daddy’s cooking is really good, thank God, because his Mommy couldn’t cook at all. Said Mommy was only wearing an oversized shirt today as a one-piece pajama, eating slowly with closed eyes (like mother like son). His Daddy would sometimes feed his Mommy, while Minho, on the other hand, was used to eat by himself from a very young age.

The breakfast ended with Siwon stealing kisses from Kyuhyun, usually earning him a scowl before the younger man strutted back to the bedroom to sleep some more. Siwon would then clean up while Minho followed his Mommy to the bedroom.

“Mommy, give me my goodbye kiss!” The little boy demanded. Kyuhyun groaned and rolled on the bed, back-facing him. Persistent like his Daddy, Minho climbed onto the bed and placed a peck on his Mommy's cheek before shaking his body until he gave up and returned the kiss.

“Now go away before I kick you,” Kyuhyun mumbled, but Minho just grinned, knowing that his Mommy never meant any of his threats. At least the physical ones, because Minho did get grounded once in a while.

Right on time, Siwon called Minho and they would pick Taemin up from the Lee household next door. Minho and Taemin's schools were located conveniently side by side, and Minho had claimed that Taemin was his boyfriend, so it was only natural that he picked Taemin up every morning.

“Taeminie!” Minho waved excitedly, and a small boy with pink cheeks ran to him for a hug. Taemin's mother, Kibum, was a protective person and he wasn't exactly pleased with how close the two boys were, which explained the glare he was throwing at Minho. Thankfully Jinki the father was a more open, warm persona (although he often seemed to be afraid of his own mate).

“Morning, Siwon!” Jinki grinned. “Thanks for always picking Taemin up!”

“Minho would throw a fit if I don't,” Siwon laughed, maybe or maybe not ignoring Kibum's frown on purpose.

Siwon would then take the boys to their schools with his car. Minho always kissed Taemin's cheek and the younger boy would giggle as they separate ways with a promise to meet after school (of course they would).

The father continued the day with working at the office. Sometimes he would be so busy that he barely had a chance to breathe, but during a less stressful day, he would allow himself a few minutes of daydreaming about his adorable spouse.

Around lunchtime, Kyuhyun would finally wake up and rolled out of bed. He was always hungry at this time of the day, so he made his way to the kitchen. He bent down to check what was available in the refrigerator, and that was when he felt a hand squeezing his bare bottom.

“Nice ass, Kyu,” came a voice he knew well. Apparently, it was one of the rare days that his spouse could take a longer lunch break and came home.

Kyuhyun stood up and glared at him as he slapped his hand away, “Don't try anything. I'm hungry and I want to eat.”

“Yeah? I'm hungry and I want to eat too,” Siwon swiftly turned him around and latched his lips on Kyuhyun's neck, while his hands busily sneaked under the shirt.

“Geez,” Kyuhyun scoffed, but he had to swallow a moan when one hand pinched a sensitive nipple. “You've gotten your share this morning. And last night.”

“Never enough, Kyu,” Siwon mumbled against his collarbone. “Never enough.” He raised Kyuhyun's shirt and his mouth quickly switched between the two revealed twin nubs.

In no time, Kyuhyun was on the cold surface of the kitchen counter and moaned wantonly, legs wrapped tightly around Siwon's waist while the older man pumped his erection inside him like there was no tomorrow. Luckily, he was on birth control, because Siwon lately loved coming inside him without the restriction of a condom.

Their lunchtime sex was always quick, although still intense. Siwon's length was slick and limp when he pulled out ten minutes later, but he looked utterly satisfied and refreshed. Kyuhyun, on the other hand, was sweaty, dazed and incoherent as he stared at the semen leaking out of his abused hole onto the kitchen counter. “You...” he panted. “You clean that up.”

Siwon smiled, because of course he would clean it up. His first priority was Kyuhyun, though, so he cleaned him up and carried him to the sofa in the living room. He then served the take-out food he had bought earlier for Kyuhyun's lunch, saving the younger man from preparing some lunch himself.

“Aren't you glad that I'm home for lunch?” Siwon grinned cheekily. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and patted the man's head just to please him, because he looked like a huge puppy at times like these.

After Siwon left, Kyuhyun procrastinated for some more time before he gathered his will to start working on his art commissions again in a room he called his workshop.

Once he got into it, though, it was hard to disturb him. So when Minho came home and pecked him on the cheek again, he barely noticed. He also didn't notice Minho going out and returned with his young boyfriend to play in the living room; watching TV and talking and sometimes drawing together. Taemin loved drawing, although he actually didn't have any talent in it.

Before evening came, Minho would take Taemin back to his home and began to work on his homework because he was a good student. He asked his Mommy if he wanted to eat or drink something, but Kyuhyun was nearly finished with his work and he didn't have time for any kind of food or drink.

Usually, dinner would mean Minho heating up his Daddy's cooking, buying take-out or relying on his Mommy's unreliable cooking. But Siwon got home early today and was welcomed excitedly by Minho. When the two were preparing dinner, Kyuhyun walked out of his workshop, relieved and satisfied because he had finished everything and ready to welcome the free two days before he had a meeting with another client.

They ate dinner together with Minho chatted happily about his day and his Daddy laughed at him. His Mommy was such in a good mood that Minho caught him smiling and even chuckling. The TV wasn't showing anything interesting that night, so Kyuhyun pulled out his game console and, as usual, beat Minho and his Daddy mercilessly.

“You never hold back!” Minho protested.

“You're not a real man if you ask your opponent to hold back,” his Mommy sneered.

“I'm a real man!” Minho narrowed his eyes and pulled the controller once more with renewed motivation.

“Prove it.”

But of course he didn't have a chance to beat his Mommy in games.

His Daddy was always the one who tucked him into the bed while Kyuhyun was still busy with the game. “Daddy, can I have a pancake for tomorrow's breakfast?” Minho asked as he fluttered his eyes closed.

“Of course,” Siwon smiled and turned the light off.

By the time Siwon finished taking a shower and put on a fresh pair of pants and a shirt, Kyuhyun surprisingly walked into the bedroom, yawning. “Not playing your game anymore?” He raised his eyebrow.

“I'm a bit tired,” Kyuhyun shrugged as he laid down the bed. “I think I will sleep early tonight.”

A glance at the clock told him that it was only ten. He slowly crawled on the bed with a smirk, which Kyuhyun noticed in an instant. “God, Siwon! What are you, a teenager in heat!?”

“What? It's too early to go to sleep!”

“You do remember that you just fucked me at lunch, before breakfast, and also last night!”

“I can't help it!” Siwon hovered over the younger man.

“Yes, you can!” Kyuhyun snarled and tried to roll away from under Siwon, but persistence was one of Siwon's strong point. “Siwon, I said I'm tired!”

“You don't have to do anything,” Siwon leaned down and nuzzled his jaw. “I'll do all the work.”

“As if that would make me less tired—nnh!”

Minho rarely got a nightmare, but when he did, he would feel so scared that he couldn't return to sleep. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearly midnight, and he grew more scared because it was so dark outside. He was a big boy, but he threw his pride to the side and ran to his parents' bedroom door. “Daddy? Mommy? Can I sleep with you?”

He could hear some muffled noises from inside, so he knocked again and again while pleading until his Mommy, clad in a bathrobe, finally opened the door. “Nightmare?” he asked softly, though slightly out of breath. His Mommy could be gentle and sweet at times, and Minho just felt like being spoiled when he did. The boy nodded and his Mommy carried him to the big bed.

His Daddy looked like he was sulking, and Minho noticed that he was wearing his shirt backward, but he ruffled Minho's head anyway and opened his arms to allow the boy to settle down comfortably. His Mommy laid down next to him and he smiled, feeling the warmth as he was tucked securely between his parents. He closed his eyes, feeling a kiss from his Daddy and the comforting weight of his hand on top of him.

Just a moment before he drifted to sleep, he felt another kiss from his Mommy.

And that was the end of that day for the Choi family.


The end~

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