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my first SuJu fic

Title: Close Your Eyes
Rating: ...I'm not sure...PG??
Word Count: 424
Pairing: I don't wanna say
Comments: yay...I wrote something here

comment please? I'll appreciate it so much *^^* it's always nice to read comments

you won't find perfect grammar in here...wrote this a long time ago but I don't think I ever post it anywhere...forgot...anyway...I edited it and turn it into SuJu~~!

this is not my usual writing style...but I did it because I want to.


It was late at night

I hold your hands as you look at me…deeply

I didn’t feel a thing

Just the urge to cry

To cry…maybe that’s the only thing I can do now

You whispered my name…softly

And you smile

The smile that I always love to kiss

“It’s so late.”

Your voice so low

You’re tired

“I know.”

“Maybe you should go home.”

I giggled

At a time like this

How could I leave you?

When you’re the only thing I can think of

The only one I can go to

“I’d rather stay here with you.”

You just smile and hold me tighter

I know you want me to stay

To stay by your side

And smile for you

Showing that I would never regret everything we’ve done

You know what? I’m not

The things I’ve done with you

And the things I’ve done for you

Those are the best things

I don’t want this to pass…

You called my name again

And as I look down to listen to you

You…who lay there

You smile to me and told me to come closer

“I don’t want tonight to pass away. I don’t want this lifetime to pass away.”

I halt your words with my lips

“I’m sorry…”

You urge to say beneath my kiss

I look into your dark eyes…why…is it turning dim?


“I’m sorry I never said this before…”

Your hand in mine start to go limp…you feel so cold

You pull me closer to you with your last strength

You’re tired

I can sense that

The smell of hospitals had always makes you dizzy.

“I love you! You know that don’t you?”

That time…

I can only sit there and stare

Just trying to overcome everything

Wishing and hoping that one day, any other day, I could hear you say it again…

But it’s impossible isn’t it?

I see your smile…faded

“I always knew.”

“I love you Kim YoungWoon!”

You close your eyes

You lay there…the rhythm of your breath steadily disappeared

I lie beside you and pull you closer

Deep into my arms

I can’t let you go

Not after this

After you said you love me

I look down and kissed your closed eyes

Tears…rolling down my cheeks

Unto your own

Just how much I love you too


I watch you

You who lay beside me

I can still breathe in your scent.

But I can’t see your bright eyes

Or your sweet smile again

“I love you Park JungSu.”


Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin
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