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fic: HIMYM

Title: HIMYM
Author: bl4ckm4lice, based on therapy00 dimple idea with pinku_kireru's forever weird inputs
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Kid!2min
Word Count: 1,289
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: Siwon told his son about how he met his Mommy
Notes: Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby? and Hey, Daddy?

Siwon first met him when he was looking for an artist to illustrate the launching booth of his company's new product. He admitted that only looked at the artist's portfolio, not bothering to look at the name, and told his colleague to call the artist. The intricate, beautiful details of the artist's style caused Siwon to expect a girl, but the one who entered his office the next day was a man.

A very oddly attractive man.

The man was far from perfect— his hair was slightly a mess and he obviously needed some sleep judging from the dark bags under his eyes. His awkward posture was accentuated by the skinny figure.

But there was something... It was almost as if he didn't have to try at all to look draw people in. Siwon could say it was the apple cheeks, or the huge, bright eyes, but to him, the dimple won by a huge margin.

It was a pretty strange fixation, really, because Siwon had never really noticed someone's... feature in that way. A way that made his heart flutter. .

“Cho Kyuhyun,” the artist introduced himself; his words were half-mumbled and that seemed to be his usual way of speaking. But the mumbles brought along a small dimple just slightly below the right side of his bow-shaped lips. 'He couldn't get cuter than this,' was a thought that surprised Siwon himself, but he was even more surprised when Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows and smiled (most likely confused by Siwon's stupidly stunned expression, but Siwon was too transfixed to notice how did his own face look).

That was when Siwon got blown away by the sheer charm.

“Erm, Siwon?” his colleague called out.

Siwon blinked, “Yeah?”

“Should we talk about the project in the meeting room?”

“Yeah. Sure. Of course,” Siwon cleared his throat. He stood up and moved from behind his desk, walking towards the door to open it for his guests... and successfully miscalculated the distance to the glass wall and hit it like in a cheap comedy. The pain was more urgent than his embarrassment, and he instantly opened his mouth in silent agony as he scrunched his eyebrows in such a way that portrayed the amount of shock he experienced.

Kyuhyun (and Siwon's colleague, but he currently paid no attention to him) burst out laughing. The artist quickly bit his lip and muttered his apology, but like hell Siwon needed an apology. Siwon was just granted a glimpse of an unbelievably adorable expression that matched Kyuhyun's dimple the best.


“Dimple?” seven-year old Minho tilted his head. “But you also have dimples.”

“Why should that matter?”

Minho pondered, but then he shrugged as he decided that, well, of course it didn't matter. “So that made you fall in love with Mommy?”

“That and his laughter. And other adorable things your Mommy did— does, but yeah,” Siwon grinned at Minho on his lap, “his dimple is the cutest thing in the world.”

“Hmm,” Minho pouted, “I think the cutest thing in the world is Taeminie's smile.”

“To each his own, son.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, your cutest thing in the world and mine can be different and that's okay.”

Minho nodded and tried to look as if he understood. “Then what happened, Daddy? After you fell in love with Mommy at the first sight?”

“Well, sadly, I found out later that he rarely laughed. As you know, he prefers frowning and scowling or simply keeping a straight, unexcited face. But those rare moments of him laughing were just precious,” he sighed dreamily. “Anyway, long story short, I asked him out as soon as the project finished.”

“And he said yes?”

Siwon scoffed. “Are you kidding? Of course not. I had to convince him for quite some time. He didn't say yes until a couple of months later, but he never rejected my attention, you see. I knew that I just had to try for a little bit longer, because your Mommy was just too precious to let go, and we got together in the end. There were of course some hurdles along the way, before and after you came, but that's a story for another weekend,” Siwon patted his son's head. “So, why are you asking about why I fell in love with your Mommy?”

Minho shrugged again. “Because I want to know if I am in love with Taeminie.”

Siwon laughed, “It's too early for you to talk about love! But when you do, you will know, believe me. If you're still confused, that means you're not ready yet. Maybe in a few years, son.”

Minho's mouth formed an 'O' and Siwon chuckled at the amazement in his son's eyes. “Well, you're making the right decision to come to me to ask about it. If you come to Mommy, he would probably glare at you and tell you to scram.”

“Eh? Yeah, he did glare at me and tell me to go away.”

“See— wait, what?” Siwon's jaw dropped. “Y-you actually asked him?”


“You asked him about why he fell in love with me? And you're alive?”

Minho looked at him as if he was crazy.

“Well, okay, of course you would still be alive. But... did he actually answer?” Siwon suddenly turned curious. Now that he remembered, Kyuhyun had never told him about it and he had never asked.

“I had to ask a couple of times. In the end he gave up and said he would tell me if I would stop bugging him— wait, I'm not supposed to tell you.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” Siwon pouted. “You can't leave Daddy hanging like this!”

“But I've promised Mommy not to tell anyone! I don't wanna break my promise to him. He's scary.”

“Come on!” Siwon pleaded, “I swear I wouldn't let your Mommy know.”

Minho looked hesitant. “I don't think it's a good idea...”

“I'll buy you and Taeminie an ice cream tomorrow.”


“Double scoops. Each.”

“Deal!” Minho brightened up quickly. “So, Mommy said... but don't get angry!”

“Why would I? Quick, tell me!”

“That you made him laugh a lot...”

Siwon felt a smile tugging on his face. “...Oh?”

“...because your face could look so stupid it was amusing.”

Instead of looking angry or even confused, his Daddy merely grinned stupidly (maybe this was what his Mommy talked about). “And that's why, son,” Siwon said, “me and your Mommy are a match made in heaven.”

Minho made a face. “Cheesy, Daddy. Very cheesy.”


The next morning, though, he knew that he was in trouble when he saw his Mommy limped out of the bedroom and glared at him. “Minho, you're grounded. No playing outside for a week.”

“Whaaaaaaaat? Mommy! What did I do!?”

“This will teach you not to break your promise again,” his Mommy threw him one last glare and walked into the bathroom before slamming the door closed behind him.

While Minho was still standing there, shocked, it was his Daddy's turn to walk out of the bedroom with a completely satisfied expression.

“Daddy!!!” Minho whined. “You told Mommy, didn't you!?”

His Daddy looked sheepish and only slightly guilty. “Sorry, son.”


The end~

And now mini spam because pinku_kireru made me.

Amused bb

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