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Title: Passion
Rating: G
Word Count: 152
Pairing: Jungsu + ??
Comments: Just a quick drabble. I don’t have an exact pairing for this one. Care to take a guess? Comments would be nice.

Jungsu's POV

You wonder if it is all worth it.

You wonder if the fame and recognition is worth giving up your chance for a personal life.
You wonder if the grueling task of jumping from one schedule to the next is worth your energy.
You wonder if the countless hours you spend practicing is really worth your time.

But then you see the passion that radiates from his very existence.

When he dances, he puts his blood, sweat, and tears into each step. He moves as though nothing in the world exists but the stage.
When he sings it comes from the deepest corners of his heart, like he is searching deep within himself to find the truth.
And you see that despite all the hardships and tribulations, he still manages to brilliantly smile as if it doesn’t ache.

Is it all worth it?

When you see him you realize that it is.
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