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fic: Hey, Baby?

Title: Hey, Baby?
Author: bl4ckm4lice with pinku_kireru's weird ideas and knowledge about pregnancy
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg / Siwon x Kyuhyun
Word Count: 5,621
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Notes: Prequel to Hey, Daddy? so yeah, it's officially mpreg

“Screw this,” Siwon said exasperatedly and threw the stubborn condom wrapper to the side. He instead returned on top of Kyuhyun who chuckled at his desperation.

“What will you do if I get pregnant?”

“That certainly seems better than spending another fifteen minutes trying to unwrap that damn condom,” Siwon mumbled in between his kisses to the other man's face and neck. “And I will take responsibility.”

“What, you're gonna marry me or something?” Kyuhyun laughed when Siwon's touches to his sides were almost ticklish, but when the fingers reached his opening down there, he gasped and moaned. He was already slick and had been prepared enough by Siwon earlier, and now he just wanted the other man in him. “Siwon...”

Siwon licked his lips and directed his proud erection towards the puckered ring. He nudged it once, twice (earning him an impatient glare from Kyuhyun) and pushed inside all the way with one swift thrust. The younger man screamed, his body arched in a breathtaking angle. Siwon gripped his hips to prevent him from escaping, then he began thrusting in and out with a quick pace.

Kyuhyun was obviously overwhelmed. His pale thighs were trembling and his breathing was erratic, yet his mouth kept on saying, “More... ah! More!”

Siwon obeyed and gave him everything he got. The bed creaked wildly and Siwon wondered if it would hold. But the thought was cut off when Kyuhyun tightened up around him without warning and came all over them with a loud scream. Siwon quickly took the opportunity to reach his own orgasm and finally shot his load inside. He savored the tightness as long as possible and continued thrusting, milking his member dry.

When they were done and collapsed onto the bed side-by-side, Siwon said, “And I will marry you, of course.”

Kyuhyun smiled, eyes still closed. “Yeah, yeah.”


Despite popular belief, Kyuhyun actually cried every so often. He cried when he felt touched, he cried when he felt sad, and he cried for many other emotional moments including when Siwon had to move to Gwangju because of his job, putting them three hours apart and an eternity to find the time to actually cross over those three hours.

But for some reason, he didn't cry when he broke up with Siwon not two months later. It was his choice after all, because they were the worst combination for a long-distance relationship. Kyuhyun couldn't bear with Siwon's unreasonable jealousy towards his colleagues and Siwon couldn't stand the unending demand from Kyuhyun to always be there for him. It was suffocating, and they both got hurt inside from fighting too much. It was an understatement to say that Siwon was enraged with the decision, but Kyuhyun refused to give in. They didn't talk since then.

He also didn't cry when he saw Siwon with a girl in a café in Seoul. So not only did Siwon was in Seoul at the time without telling him, he was also hanging out with a random girl. Of course it could probably be a business meeting, but even so, it wasn't Kyuhyun's business, because they've broken up anyway.

He finally broke down, though, when he saw the two lines on the test pack, confirming that the whole vomiting torture wasn't caused by a disease, but by pregnancy. The doctor confirmed that he was going well into his fourth month. He was healthily pregnant without the father of the baby.

Kyuhyun's parents were long gone and he only got his sister, but she was currently in Austria to get a Master's Degree and he didn't have a heart to make his sister worried. At least not now when he was obviously alone to take care of the baby, because his sister would've flown back to Korea and abandon his study. The first person to know was Zhou Mi, his Chinese neighbor and long-time friend, who caught sight of him vomiting the whole content of his stomach into the toilet one morning.

“Oh God, Kuixian! It has been three weeks! Have you seen a doctor? I'm sure you haven't. When will you start listening to me and take better care of your body? What if it's a disease that will get worse if you don't start treating it, huh? I don't care, I'm taking you to—.”

“I'm pregnant,” Kyuhyun cut him off as he slumped down to the bathroom floor.

Zhou Mi's mouth was still stuck to form the word 'to' earlier and it stayed like that for a whole minute. “W-whose...”

Kyuhyun looked away, “Siwon's.”

“What!? But you've...”

“Broken up, yes. Apparently I'm four-month pregnant.”

The Chinese man's jaw dropped and he looked straight at Kyuhyun's stomach. He wanted to ask 'are you sure' and say 'you don't look pregnant', but the loose shirt Kyuhyun usually wore was now stuck to his belly from the sweat, and there was a small bulge there. Kyuhyun was definitely starting to show.

“Have you...” Zhou Mi swallowed, “have you told Siwon?”

“We've broken up, Mi.”

“He's still the father.” Zhou Mi narrowed his eyes when he saw Kyuhyun ignored him. “Kuixian! He deserves to know!”

“For what!?” Kyuhyun snapped. “We're no longer in a relationship and I was the one who called it off. You think I can go to him now and say 'hey, I'm pregnant because of you'? I don't need him to take responsibility. I can take care of the baby on my own. Besides, what if he already has a new lover?”

“No, that's impossible.”

“Yeah, right. How did you know?”

“Because he called me every night, asking about you!” Zhou Mi yelled, gripping Kyuhyun's shoulders. “And this is me spilling his secret because you're such a stubborn wreck.”

The younger man stared at him, at loss for words. There was something in his face that looked like longing and regret, but it disappeared before Zhou Mi could try to convince him again. “Just... just don't tell him about this, Mi.”


“You're still my friend, right?” Kyuhyun pleaded with an expression so desperate that Zhou Mi couldn't say anything. “Please, if you're my friend, keep this a secret from him.”

How could Zhou Mi say no when he saw the tears that threatened to fall?


“Hey,” Zhou Mi frowned, “where's your pregnancy vitamin?”

Kyuhyun didn't look up, still submerged in his artwork commission. The Chinese man had to repeat his question louder to catch his attention. “Huh? I don't know. I think it has run out?”

“What!?” Zhou Mi shrieked. “Are you insane!?”

“What are you overreacting for? They're only vitamins.”

“Like you aren't so prone to sickness all the time. I swear you have the lowest immunity system among all the people I know. You even still have your morning sickness and this is your fifth month.”

“Nag, nag, nag. You're worse than my sister, and that's saying a lot because she had been sending me messages every two hours since I told her I'm pregnant.”

“At least you should stop staying up late!”

“Me staying up late is mostly because of work,” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “How else am I supposed to feed my future baby?” He had intended that as a passing remark, but apparently Zhou Mi took it seriously. “...Mi, I swear if you don't get rid of that troubled look...”

“You can always ask for Siwon's help, you know.”

Kyuhyun threw his hands up in exasperation. “What the hell! Why are you suddenly talking about him again!? I don't care if he still calls you or something!”

“Kuixian, listen to me...”

“No!” Kyuhyun stood up and grabbed his sketchpad, walking towards the door. “I sometimes regret the fact that I introduced you to him. You're taking his side way too much!”

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Somewhere quiet to work without you yapping at me!” He dashed outside with Zhou Mi following closely behind him. They both stopped on their tracks, though, when they noticed someone walking towards them. That person also stopped, surprised to see both of them.

“Kyuhyun...” Siwon whispered.

Kyuhyun's hand instinctively moved to cover his tummy. He was wearing a loose shirt as usual, but Zhou Mi said that people would notice if they pay enough attention— Zhou Mi. He turned to his friend, his eyes glaring and accusing. The Chinese man blinked before he realized what the accusation was about. He shook his head urgently, “No! I didn't—.”

“I come on my own will,” Siwon intercepted. “This business trip will take quite some time, so I come to see if you've cooled your head down and ready to take back your words.”

Kyuhyun shot a look at him. “I don't see the need for that.”

“You don't see the need to take back such one-sided decision?”

“You already know, so quit hoping.”

“I never agreed to it.”

“I never asked for your agreement,” Kyuhyun snapped. “It was over and that was that.”

Siwon gritted his teeth. “All I ask is for you to say sorry and I will forget everything else you said.”

The younger man stared at him for a long time. The air was thick with tension and Zhou Mi could only watch. In the end, Kyuhyun shook his head, “Not gonna happen.” He tried to rush past Siwon, but the taller of the two grabbed him on the shoulder.

“Do you already have someone else!?” Siwon asked furiously.

“Oh God, not again! Even if I do, it's none of your business,” Kyuhyun bit back as he hurled himself free. What he didn't notice was the fact that he was standing near the top of a set of stairs. He took the wrong step into the stairs and he suddenly found himself losing balance.

“Kuixian!” Zhou Mi called out worriedly as he saw the man fell and rolled all the way down so fast that it was almost unreal. “No! No, no, no, no, Kuixian!” He rushed towards him, passing the still stiffened Siwon. Kyuhyun was scrunching his face, writhing, as he held his tummy in pained expression.

“Kuixian... Kuixian, hold it, okay? I'm gonna call the ambulance...”

“Mi...” Kyuhyun whispered, seemed to be losing his consciousness. “Mi... the baby...”

“Ssh, the baby is going to be okay. You're both gonna be okay.”

Kyuhyun looked just a tad reassured, but he was slipping away. That was when Siwon finally found his voice back. “Zhou Mi...?”

The Chinese man looked up to him with anger flashing through his face. “He's pregnant. With your baby.”


The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Zhou Mi's weary face. His own face must've looked worried because Zhou Mi quickly said, “He's fine. You got a few bruises but you're okay. The doctor said you should rest for a couple of days here.”


“It's a boy,” Zhou Mi smiled. “You're going to have a son.”

A son. He closed his eyes and felt a smile growing on his face. The baby's fine and it's a he. He felt his growing belly and almost felt a kick, but that could just be his imagination. When he opened his eyes again, though, he finally noticed another man sitting on the side of his bed.

“I will leave you two here, okay?” Zhou Mi stroked Kyuhyun's hair and left.

Silence stretched between them. Kyuhyun didn't feel like saying anything nor did he trust his own mouth. Siwon, though, obviously looked like he got a lot to say. It was no surprise that the older man spoke first. “Kyu... Is that really my baby?”

Kyuhyun didn't reply and looked down. Now that Siwon noticed, the bulge was pretty obvious on such a skinny man. He couldn't help but wonder how he would take care of Kyuhyun if he was there— and talking about that, this was a huge thing. Something that he never expected. They had broken up around three months ago and of course he wanted Kyuhyun back. The fact that Kyuhyun kept on refusing him made him angry. But now... now his son was growing inside Kyuhyun. His son with Kyuhyun.

“How old?”

This time, Kyuhyun mumbled, “Five months.”

“Zhou Mi had told me everything,” Siwon sighed. “Why do you have to be so stubborn? All you have to do is tell me.”

“If I tell you that I got pregnant, you'd probably think that I slept with someone else.” It was obvious that Kyuhyun was making an accusing remark, in reference to his previous jealous streak.

“Of course not! I would have taken responsibility.”

There was a pang inside Kyuhyun at the last word. So that was all? “I don't need your responsibility.”

“Wait, I didn't mean— Look... I'm sorry,” Siwon whispered. He wrapped his fingers around Kyuhyun's, and surprisingly, the younger man didn't pull away. “I'm sorry for everything. I... I stopped calling you back then because I decided to wait until I can come back to you. Not because I don't want you anymore. I still love you so much, Kyu. I hate every second when you're not mine.”

He could feel Kyuhyun's fingers trembling slightly, and perhaps that was a good sign. “Please... please Kyu, let's start again.”

“For what?” Kyuhyun looked straight into his eyes. “For us to fight over and over again, just like before? It wouldn't work, Siwon.”

“We can make it work. I promise I will stop acting like an idiot. I will visit you every week.”

“As long as you still work there, it wouldn't work!” Kyuhyun said firmly. “And no, this isn't me telling you to resign from your job. This is me telling you that it would be better if we don't repeat the same mistake.”

Siwon fell silent for a while, but then he said with a determined tone. “I'm still the father of the baby.”


“At least... at least allow me to take care of you and the baby.”

Kyuhyun was about to refuse, but he made a mistake of looking at Siwon. The older man was smiling, but Kyuhyun could see the strong determination in his eyes.

“...Do whatever you like,” he finally said.


Siwon stayed true to his words and he indeed visited Kyuhyun every weekend. He stayed over at Zhou Mi's place, knowing that Kyuhyun wouldn't be ready (yet— he hoped) to welcome him with open arms. On weekdays, he sent Kyuhyun's favorite stuffs including foods, which Kyuhyun received with an eyeroll, though he ended up eating them anyway.

“You're getting fat,” Zhou Mi commented one day.

“I'm not,” Kyuhyun mumbled, still busy munching the cookies that arrived yesterday.

“Have you seen yourself on the mirror lately? No, don't tell me that Siwon said you look great, because he was just blinded by you,” Zhou Mi rolled his eyes. “I'll tell Siwon to give you a healthier choice of food.”

“I do need 35% fat in my diet.”

“With all the cakes and cookies? I'd say that made up 65% of your diet."

Kyuhyun shot him a glare, but decided that the cookies worth his attention more.

But when Siwon dropped by that weekend and brought several packs of whole grain cereal and yoghurt, Siwon got his attention alright. Kyuhyun yelled at him for a good five minutes without any pause, about how Siwon was insulting him and telling him (albeit indirectly) that he was fat. In the end, he hurled the yoghurt at Siwon and went outside the door.

Zhou Mi patted the still dumbstruck Siwon and said only one word, “Hormones.”


Kyuhyun's terrible mood swing happened a lot with Siwon as his major target (much to Zhou Mi's gratitude). It mostly occurred in line with his small contractions, just like now.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it, Siwon!” Kyuhyun scrunched his eyes closed. “I hate you. I hate you for making me pregnant. I hate you for not wearing that damn condom!”

Siwon massaged his arm in an attempt to soothe the pained man, “Do you want me to make you a cup of hot lemon tea?”

“I don't want any tea and I don't want to see your face!” Kyuhyun yelled and slapped Siwon's hand away. “Get out of here!”

The older man sighed and walked out to the living room. He settled himself on the couch and turned the television on.

Not fifteen minutes later, Kyuhyun joined him, stealing glances at the older man until Siwon patted his thigh. “Do you want to eat something?”

“Is there any food in the refrigerator?”

“I don't think so. I can go for a quick shopping to the convenience store—,” he made a move to stand up, but Kyuhyun tugged his shirt.

“No,” Kyuhyun closed his eyes and made himself comfortable. “I'll eat later then.”

Siwon smiled and leaned closer to the young man.


“Ow, ow, ow. Quit it!”

Hearing him, Siwon halted his cooking in the kitchen and returned to the living room. “Kyu?”

“Ow! Stop kicking!” Kyuhyun winced, seemingly yelling at the baby who was feeling active inside him.

Siwon widened his eyes, “Is... is the baby kicking?” He squatted down next to Kyuhyun and slowly felt around the tummy with his palm. There it was. “He is...” The older man smiled and gently whispered. “Hi, son, you seem healthy.”

“Shit! I swear, stop it or I will spank you the moment you come into this world.”

“No, no, don't say that! You should talk gently to him and encourage him. It's okay baby, keep kicking.”

“That's easy for you to say!” Kyuhyun snapped. “You weren't the one feeling the kicks all week!”

“He had been kicking all weeks?” Siwon repeated with a grin that looked almost stupid.

“Pretty sure that the baby will turn out like you, annoying and demanding,” Kyuhyun intended those words to bite, but Siwon merely grinned further. He looked at Kyuhyun's tummy once more, then turned his gaze into Kyuhyun's eyes.

“Our son.”

Kyuhyun could just hope that his face stayed blank.


“Hey,” Siwon showed him the shopping bags. “I bought us some clothes.”

“You? Buying clothes?” Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows.

“Ok, I admit Zhou Mi helped me.”

“I hope he didn't throw in some rainbow-colored jumpsuits or something.”

Siwon laughed, “Don't worry. Now here are the baby's...” He pulled out a stack of baby boy clothes with cute colors and patterns. “... and here are yours.” Various loose shirts and pants, just the way Kyuhyun wanted them.

“What's inside that bag?” Kyuhyun pointed to a neglected bag.

“Erm,” Siwon avoided his eyes and instinctively slid the bag behind him. “Nothing important.”

As if Siwon could lie. “Let me see,” Kyuhyun demanded with his glare until the older man gave in.

The bag held a set of matching t-shirts which was obviously made for Daddy, Mommy, and Little Baby— made even more obvious by said words printed on the front.

“Zhou Mi made me buy them,” Siwon said hurriedly. “Honest.”

“Siwon...” Kyuhyun rubbed his temple. “I thought I've made it clear in the beginning.”

The older man's face reddened. “Sorry, I know you said that we couldn't...” There was a flash of hurt in Siwon's face. “Just forget about it.”

“If you can't promise me to stop playing 'family', I can't allow—.”

“I know, I know! You don't want it! Damn it, Kyu...” He stood up and grabbed the matching set. “I just thought that maybe, just maybe...”

Kyuhyun shook his head, ending the argument.

The older man curled his hands into fists and stormed outside.


Kyuhyun wondered if that was the end, but in the middle of the week after, the usual package of food arrived with a bouquet of flower, followed by Siwon himself at the weekend. The man said nothing about the incident and acted like nothing was wrong, so Kyuhyun didn't delve further into the matter.


After his belly got too huge for Kyuhyun to walk around, he resorted to hole up in his apartment and to be a pain in the ass for everyone, particularly Zhou Mi because he lived next door. But when Siwon visited, Kyuhyun's nuisance took on a whole another level.

It was well after midnight when Siwon was awakened by his ringing cell phone. He grabbed it quickly, afraid to woke up Zhou Mi who was sleeping on his bedroom. Siwon himself always settled to the couch in the living room.

Kyuhyun was calling him. “Kyu?”

“I want bubble tea with no ice, half sugar and more pearls.”

“Kyuhyun,” Siwon rubbed his eyes, “I don't think there's any bubble tea stall open at this hour.”

“Well, I would've been able to find it if I can go outside on my own. But I'm 8-month pregnant with swollen feet because of you and I'm basically too ugly to show my face to people. Now I'm in dire need to munch the pearls in the bubble tea. Do I need to say more?”

“Okay, okay,” Siwon sighed and grabbed his jacket.

“I'll unlock my apartment door so just be quick and bring me the damn bubble tea,” with that, Kyuhyun cut off the phone.

Miraculously, he found the bubble tea in a 24-hour convenience store after two hours of driving around. He returned to the apartment building and walked straight inside Kyuhyun's apartment. Siwon nearly called Kyuhyun's name out when he saw the man fast asleep on the couch. “What am I gonna do with you?” Siwon sighed and started searching for a blanket. He pulled it over Kyuhyun's figure and sat down next to the couch.

He pressed his ear to Kyuhyun's belly, expecting for the baby to stay silent this late at night but got a really soft kick instead. “Hey, son,” Siwon closed his eyes, imagining how adorable the baby would be. “Will you cry a lot later? I hope not, because your mother would not be pleased. I wonder what will be your first word. Will you grow up like me or your mother? Hey, maybe we can play soccer together.”

Siwon placed a kiss on the belly, “I can't wait to see you.”

His attention switched to the bearer of his son, watching his closed eyes and the way his soft, fluffy hair framed his face perfectly. Kyuhyun was one who never bothered about his looks, but lately he was acting the exact opposite, complaining about how the pregnancy made him look ugly. “You still look beautiful to me,” Siwon smiled, tucking Kyuhyun's hair behind his ear and continued to stare, enjoying this stolen moment just for a little more time.

In the end, he placed a kiss on Kyuhyun's lips, as gently as possible to avoid Kyuhyun waking up and freaking out. “I miss you so much.”

It was after Siwon left and shut the door that Kyuhyun dared to open his eyes.


Two weeks before Kyuhyun was due, Siwon finally managed to achieve what he had been pursuing for a long time. He was more than excited to deliver the news, although he didn't know how this would affect their relationship... or the lack of it.

“Kyu,” Siwon was practically beaming when he entered the apartment, “I have something I need to tell you— Kyu!?”

Kyuhyun was on the floor, leaning against the wall near his bedroom door. “Can— can it wait...?” He said weakly. “Because I think I'm going to give birth.”

“Holy—.” Siwon felt panic grew inside him. Of course he had previously prepared himself by reading about what to do in this situation, but at the moment, he couldn't seem to recall any of them. “Oh God, Kyu, oh God.”

“You can... at least... take me to your car first... you know.” Kyuhyun's breath was heavy and he looked pale and sweaty.

“O-of course, I'm sorry...” he slowly eased Kyuhyun into his arms and brought him up. He called the hospital when he got the car out of the apartment's parking lot. Kyuhyun's writhing grew louder along the way and how Siwon wished he could ease the pain. “We'll get there soon, Kyu...”

“Siwon...” Kyuhyun began to cry. “Siwon, I can't do this...”

“Yes, you can. Just hold on a bit longer—.”

“No, I can't... I can't do this without you.”

Siwon widened his eyes and could only glance at the younger man before returning his attention to the road. Kyuhyun's eyes were closed, but his face was filled with tears. “Kyu...?”

“I'm sorry, Siwon. I'm sorry for breaking up with you.” Kyuhyun wailed in pain, then continued to speak while sobbing. “I've always wanted to come back to you, but I didn't even know if you already have a new life...”

“Never,” Siwon said hurriedly. “I couldn't stop loving you. I came back to you, right?”

Kyuhyun hung open his mouth in a silent agony. The pain was excruciating. “I was too afraid when I think that we might have to get through the same old fights.”

“No, Kyuhyun—.”

“It scared me. The fact that you supported the baby wholeheartedly, the fact that you seemed to love the baby so much even if he hadn't been born yet... What if you just wanted him? Don't get me wrong, I love the baby, but I love you too. What if you don't actually want me? What if you're just pitying me in the end?”

“Hey, listen—.”

“No, please, don't say anything before I'm done,” Kyuhyun whimpered, obviously afraid of hearing Siwon's rejection. “I don't want to do this by myself.” To bear with the pain, Kyuhyun was gripping his seat so hard that his knuckles turned white. “I miss you so much and I want our baby to have you next to him and I want you to be next to me.”

Siwon bit his lip as he tried to concentrate on the road. He wished he could stop the car and had a proper talk, but with the baby ready to be born...

“Please...?” Kyuhyun pleaded, still crying from the pain mixed with desperation. “I know I've treated you like shit and I probably don't deserve you anymore, but...” Before he could finish, he wailed again and again as the pain turned unbearable.

As much as Siwon wanted to sort out their relationship, he knew the delivery of the baby was more urgent. Thankfully, they had arrived at the hospital and the nurses were ready to take Kyuhyun into the delivery room. Siwon hesitated in front of the room, unsure if he was needed— wanted inside. But when Kyuhyun reached out to him weakly, asking him to hold his hand, he decided that he would never let this hand go.


She had been working as a nurse for fifteen years, and if there was something that touched her the most, was the reaction of the new parents when they saw their newborn baby. Babies born through the C-section procedure were examined first before being brought back to the parents, including the healthy baby boy in her arms. He was slowly wriggling and she whispered, “Couldn't wait to meet your mommy and daddy, hmm? I'll get you to them soon.”

The nurse knocked on the door and entered the ward of Mr. Cho Kyuhyun. He was lying on the bed, and another man was holding his hand. Their faces lit up at the presence of the baby.

“He's a very healthy baby despite the slightly premature birth.” She slowly lowered the baby onto Mr. Cho's nervous but excited arms. There it went, the look of disbelief, of experiencing something not unlike a miracle. “He's handsome, right?”

“He's perfect...” Mr. Cho whispered as he gently stroked the baby's cheek. “I'm glad we can finally meet.”

The baby moved his head, leaning towards the warm finger, and Mr. Cho's eyes quickly watered.

“You can kiss him if you want,” the nurse smiled. “It's okay.”

After Mr. Cho placed a kiss on the baby, tears were streaming down his face.

“Are you the father?” the nurse asked the other man. “Do you want to hold him?”

The man blinked in surprise before looking at Mr. Cho questioningly. After getting a nod of approval, the nurse helped transferring the baby into his arms. He seemed to be awestruck for some time, then he looked up at Mr. Cho, his eyes filled with love and gratitude.

“Do you already have a name for him?”

The man looked at Mr. Cho again, who shook his head and said, “You name him.”

“Well, I...” the man beamed, “I've been thinking to call him Minho.” He brought the baby closer to him and said, “At the moment, you're still Cho Minho. But if your mother finally agrees to my proposal, you'd become a Choi along with him.”

Mr. Cho looked surprised, but from the growing blush on his face, it was a pleasant surprise.

Sadly, it was the moment the nurse dreaded the most. She had to bring the baby back to the baby ward. The parents looked sad, but they knew that it must be done. When she was walking back to the baby ward, she whispered to the baby, “You're lucky to have such sweet parents.”


“So,” Siwon began right away, “before we talk about my proposal, I need to talk to you about something else first. Remember that I was about to say something before you decided to give birth?”

Kyuhyun looked down, unsure of what he would hear. There was that proposal, and that made him happy. But there were a lot of things that needed to be sorted—.

“I got a new job in Seoul.”

Kyuhyun widened his eyes and snapped his head up to meet Siwon's smiling face.

“Just so you know, I've been trying to get a new job before I even knew you were pregnant. I really wanted a fresh start for us.” He reached for Kyuhyun's hand again, stroking it affectionately. “Sorry it took so long... I needed to finish my current project first and of course I was looking for a higher salary because... I need to be able to support my family, no?”

He took in the deepening blush on Kyuhyun's apple cheeks. How did he survive those months without Kyuhyun, really? How did he survive not waking up next to him and annoying the not-so-morning-person until he woke up?

“Now that I know your feeling and you obviously know mine—,” he frowned. “Wait, you're still doubting mine, so I'm gonna say it again. I love you, Kyu, and I want to live the rest of my life with you. Please marry me and let's become a good mommy and daddy for Minho.”

Kyuhyun was practically glowing but he tried to hold himself back from smiling stupidly. “Only if you promise that I won't be called 'Mommy'.”

“I promise,” he chuckled and leaned in for a kiss. Kyuhyun's eyes fluttered close and he allowed himself another moment of appreciation towards the beautiful face before he closed the distance between their lips. The kiss was slow and long— neither of them wanted to separate. Even when they had to break apart from the need to breath, Siwon kept their lips touching.

“Well,” a voice came from the direction of the door, and they turned to see Zhou Mi standing with crossed arms. “It seems that I'm interrupting something. Don't mind me. Don't mind your friend who was worried like hell and rushed here as soon as he heard the news. I'm just gonna check the baby out and call your sister to stop worrying about the lack of a father figure.” He then disappeared as quickly as he came.

Siwon laughed. “We owe him a lot.”

“Yeah,” Kyuhyun nudged him. “I heard you bugged him all the time after we broke up.”

The older man grinned sheepishly and raised Kyuhyun's hand to place a kiss on his ring finger. “Now I wish I had brought the ring.”

“You bought a ring already?” Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows.

“Of course,” Siwon smiled. “Now I need to ask the doctor when can you be healthy enough for our wedding. And also when exactly can you handle our first night as a married couple.”

Kyuhyun turned red again but he rolled his eyes in an attempt to hide his flustered state, “I bet that's all you think about.”

“Don't blame me,” Siwon kissed him once more. “It has been too long.”


The end~

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  • The Sky Between Us, And the Road Ahead [5th Anniversary Repost]

    Title: The Sky Between Us, And The World Ahead Authors: dreaminginside and seeeno (cinnappo) Rating: NC-17 overall Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama…

  • Lifeline

    Title: Lifeline Pairings: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook Genre: Angst, Romance Rating: PG Summary: During a meeting, Kyuhyun unkowngly sucks the air out of…

  • Love & Roll [1/?]

    title: Love & Roll pairing: kyuwook rating: PG genre: romance summary: “Do you want to ask me out?” Ryeowook whispered against Kyuhyun’s ear,…