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Three first-time drabbles of with an obsessive amount of Hankyung-- I hope my writing is vaguely coherent and that I can't tag...? o.O *THUD*

Written for the drabble challenge at drabbles100. Ratings all G ^^

c a r n i v a l
#25: Strangers | 185 words
you're caught in this merry-go-round

You wake up to airplanes and dictionaries, to the yearning of flight and the stagger of circles and curves, and you reach for the moon in hope that you’ll never have to land among the stars. You’re overwhelmed—the countless faces and names [twelve, they inform you], and you fear the jesters and puppets with the painted visages and try so hard to remember they are no longer empty faces without character after sharing their limelight few times so long.

But then you think—who are you to share their glamour? The soft-spoken Chinese boy who’s all knobby joints and crooked smiles, who falters a word at a time and dreams of childhood lullabies crackled with age. They had tried so hard to show you the highway to their familiarity but you can’t help but struggle with the dirt road that runs cleverly parallel, enfolding the little distance and strain of cultures that nevertheless leaves you lonely.

And you’re clutching the moon with your fingertips, tripping by your very heartstrings, and all of a sudden you want more than anything to fall among those stars.

m u r m u r
#37: Sound | 100 words
and you can't bring yourself to hate

It always bothered you how he never seem to speak up, but chose instead to mutter to the general vacinity of his worn sneakers in an unintelligible garble of scarce Korean and frequent Mandarin.

And your mouth compresses--

I want this-- he rasps, syllables ghosting their way past your ear in a flutter that trills its way through every niche of your being, a million too-harsh admittances, too-soon promises, staccato phrases of stay with me, always, we never wanted this (but fuck that), wo ai ni.

--into a smile, and you think - maybe you don't mind so much after all.

l i k e t h e s u n s e t
#11: Red | 100 words

Heechul looks good in red.

Hankyung dreams of violent splashes and neutral brushes of colour, and he loves either and every dusky magenta that brings out the shade of blood of Heechul's lips, or the fiery glare that appropriately cheats Sin out of his very Name, or even the pale rose that Rella seems to be convinced he looks manly in.

He also loves the flush of crimson that rises, helpless, onto Heechul's cheeks as he leans in to kiss him extravagantly in front of everyone.

And his mouth bites into silent amusement and satisfaction as he thinks - he matches.

A/N: The last two hit 100 utterly by coincidence and were written 11 hours into my plane ride from NJ to China so I wasn't entirely sane =X Feedback and criticism will be hoarded greedily from now to forever and a day ♥
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, subject: hangeng
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