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THE SuJu Slash Fic [multi-chapter, 1/?]

Title: THE SuJu Slash Fic - for lack of a better title.
Authors: taylormercury & gado
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Various
Genre: AU, crack, horror
Warnings: swearing, sex, alcohol, crack, death, blood, death, sex, death, more sex, and did we mention death?
Summary: When 13 young, attractive and very horny men gather in a big house to throw a party anything can happen. And it does.
Comments: Ka and I are on crack. And we're evil. AND THIS STORY HAS AMAZING PAIRINGS. Read it because we rock, and you love us :3


“…What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too.” Kangin beamed at him, amused by the reaction, and slipped inside the open door, much to Shiwon’s displeasure.

With what was clearly a not-happy frown, Shiwon closed the door behind him and turned to catch up with Kangin, who was already making his way down the hall.

“Sungmin invited me, anyway,” Kangin answered the, oh-so-politely phrased question. “Where’s the party going on? I hope you’ve got booze.”

Shiwon practically grinded his teeth as he walked along behind Kangin, trying to resist the urge to cause some kind of physical harm to the other man. It would probably be a stupid idea to hit him, especially since Kangin would hit him back. Hard. Kangin was on the wrestling team, and it would hurt.

So counting to ten and breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, Shiwon led him to the living room, which was where almost everyone else was gathered, assuring Kangin that yes, there was most definitely alcohol, and plenty of it.

Kangin greeted the others, giving Heechul and Eeteuk a pat on the shoulder each, pinching Kibum’s cheek, tugging Sungmin’s hair and smacking Donghae on the back of the head – who let out a rather loud squeal of ‘ouch!’ – and sat himself down on the couch beside Hankyung. There wasn’t much space on the couch as it was, Hyukjae and Donghae, who was comfortably sat in Hyukjae’s lap, were already taking up much of the space. It was a bit of a squeeze, but Kangin didn’t mind.

Noticing where Kangin was sat, Shiwon sent him an evil glare, not that Kangin noticed, he was too busy looking elsewhere.

“Who invited the new kid?” he asked, looking over at the subject in question.

The new boy, otherwise known as Kyuhyun, was seated, somewhat nervously, on one of the chairs. It was a comfortable chair – everything in Shiwon’s house was comfortable – but he didn’t look comfortable. His fingers tapped nervously against one knee, eyeing Kangin with caution. Kyuhyun was new in town, he hadn’t been there for very long, so he didn’t really know anyone, and they didn’t know much about him.

“I did,” Sungmin spoke up from his position on the floor. He was sitting on a pile of cushions, giggling and laughing about something with Shindong and Ryeowook. “I thought it would be nice for him to get to know everyone better.”

“Poor New Boy.” No one heard, or no one chose to hear, Yehsung’s sarcastic comment.

“Who invited you then?” Kangin turned to look at Hankyung next to him.

Hankyung, although not as new as Kyuhyun, was still relatively new as well. He was an exchange student, over from China, which of course made him interesting. “Shiwon asked me,” he answered in a soft voice that never got any louder.

Kangin leaned forward, looking almost conspiratorial as he said in a loud-whisper, “better be careful of him, Shiwon’s a bit of a –”

Whatever Shiwon was was interrupted by a disgusted, “can’t you two just fuck already?” from Yehsung, who was looking at Hyukjae and Donghae wrapped up together on the couch, Donghae stroking Hyukjae’s hair and kissing his neck.

“Guys, please, you haven’t even started drinking yet,” Sungmin complained, one of his hands deftly covering Ryeowook’s eyes and shielding him from the displays of affection. Ryeowook whined and tried to pry Sungmin’s hand from his face.

Donghae pulled his face away from Hyukjae’s neck – which held a nicely red, round mark the shape of Donghae’s mouth – and looked over at Yehsung and Sungmin with a self-satisfied grin. “You both just sound jealous,” he teased.

“No one’s jealous of that, that’s just disgusting.” The comment came from Kibum, who was sat on the second couch next to Eeteuk, an amused looking smile on his face.

“Can’t you all just be happy for me?” Donghae pouted at him. No one seemed to notice the ‘comforting’ hand Hyukjae slid over his boyfriend’s thigh.

“We’re happier for you when you don’t shove it in all our faces,” Heechul grumbles from his position on the floor, leaning himself comfortably against Yehsung.

Donghae stuck his tongue out at Heechul, before returning his attention back to Hyukjae. He’d definitely noticed the wandering hand on his thigh.

“So, what dragged Mr Sociable along to this little get together?” Kangin again, who had now turned his attention over to Yehsung, who was trying to frown at Heechul who was still using him as a cushion, but not really caring enough to have much of an effect. And nothing ever had much of an effect on Heechul anyway.

“Princess here dragged me along,” Yehsung answered, an obvious frown creasing his face. “Believe me, it wasn’t my choice.”

Heechul smacked Yehsung’s arm. “Stop whining.” Yehsung frowned at him.

“Okay, this is boring. Where’s the alcohol, Shiwon?”


Cupboards and drawers as well as some strategically placed boxes had been searched through and soon they had collected enough alcohol to support a whole football team – an Irish football team, even.

The dark red wall-to-wall carpeting was one of the reasons why they chose to sit on the floor instead of around the big dining table. That, and because it was simply nicer. Putting all the booze in a big pile, they gathered around it in some kind of circle. Shiwon had given up on trying to tell them that the alcohol was indeed the property of his parents, and simply told everyone in a graceful way to “take what the fuck you want”.

“Drinking game,” He announced, telling everyone to put the girly alcohol away; earning a mutter from Sungmin who reluctantly let go of the Bacardi.

When everyone was provided with a big glass of either vodka or whiskey, Shiwon cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. “Alright. The rules are simple. Someone makes a statement starting with ‘I’ve never’ and everyone who has done… whatever it is, has to drink. Got it?”

Most people nodded. Yehsung merely rolled his eyes. Donghae poked Hyukjae in the side, forcing the older boy to explain it again.

“Ok.” Shiwon grinned. “New boy starts.”

Kyuhyun bit his lip and stared down at his hands. He’d never played anything like this before and personally, he thought it was a bit silly. But he was the new one and thus there was nothing to do but to try and adapt.

“Ok… I’ve never… skipped class.”

His eyes widened as random chuckles were heard and he found himself being the only one not drinking, besides Ryeowook.

Donghae laughed a little as he brought the glass from his lips. “I’ve never worn a dress.”

A chorus of laughter followed the question and no one touched their alcoholic beverages.

Yehsung bumped his shoulder against the man sitting beside him. “Heechul, you’ve worn a dress. I saw you in it. Take your fucking shot.”

The man in question slowly turned into the same lovely shade of red as his hair as he brought the glass to his lips, taking a large gulp.

“Lame questions,” Kangin sighed theatrically. “If you go on like this we won’t find out anything. How about… I’ve never given Shiwon a blowjob.”

Sungmin made a face as he took a sip of the whiskey in his glass, pouting as the other’s laughed at him. Shiwon narrowed his eyes, sending a glare in Kangin’s direction – the second one this night.

Ryeowook’s turn and, he coughed a little before taking a deep breath. “I’ve never had sex.”

Most people drank this time. Well, everyone except Kyuhyun, Donghae and himself.

A couple of questions later, some of them were starting to get drunk while other’s had just taken one or two sips.

Hankyung smiled and spoke in his very formal Korean. “I’ve never been in love with my best friend.”

Donghae giggled. “Love you, baby~” He gave Hyukjae a peck on the cheek before taking a shot; his boyfriend following his example.

Kibum brought the glass to his lips, feeling a bit shaky as the vodka ran down his throat. He glanced over at Eeteuk, noticing that the other man did the same. Their eyes met for a split second and Kibum pushed the uncomfortable silence away by randomly saying “I’ve never kissed Donghae.”

Hyukjae grinned, taking a sip from his glass; making a slight face as Shiwon did the same. Not that he didn’t know what had happened, but the thought of someone else toughing Donghae, HIS Donghae, was slightly unbearable. However, that small frown could not match the look of utter horror that appeared on his face when he saw Yehsung swallowing a mouthful of alcohol.

“Eeeh…” Donghae fidgeted a little, clearly noticing the change of mood.

“Donghae…” Huykjae spoke calmly; though the anger could clearly be heard in his voice. “…when the hell was THAT!?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“You…and YEHSUNG?!”



“But it was a long time ago! It meant nothing.”

Hyukjae’s eyes narrowed as he pointed an accusing finger at Yehsung. “Don’t you ever fucking touch him again.” He tightened his grip around the glass. “I’ve never had sex with Yehsung.”

Much to his great relief, Donghae didn’t drink. Heechul, however, looked very guilty before he finally brought the glass to his lips.

“Oh my god, really?!” Shiwon’s eyes widened.

Heechul shrugged. “Friends with benefits. What? You wanted to join?”

“Never said that.”

Kangin laughed. “You didn’t have to. Man you’re such a fucking slut.”

“Am not.”

“Dude, is there anyone you haven’t kissed in here besides me and the newcomers?”

Shiwon glared at Kangin for the third time before cracking up. “I’ve never, EVER kissed Shindong!”

Instead of laughter, an uncomfortable silence surfaced. Shindong had always been considered funny and nice but as far as they knew he’d never been involved with someone, at least not lately, so they usually avoided the subject around him. However, the big elephant had just danced on the piano, as Donghae had expressed it once, and there was no turning back.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Sungmin took a large gulp. He threw his arms around Shindong’s neck; burying his tongue in the other man’s mouth for a few seconds before he pulled back, taking yet another shot. “Done.”

Shiwon stared at them in shock for a few seconds as they laced their fingers together. Then, he decided he wanted some attention as well and put his hand on Hankyung’s shoulder. “I’ve never fucked a Chinese boy before either.”

The man sitting next to him removed his hand and then scooted away from him, closing the gap between himself and Yehsung.

“Help me,” he mouthed, causing the other man to pat him on the head.

With Hankyung clinging onto Yehsung, trying to escape the grabby hands of Shiwon, the game proceeded. Soon, though, it was forgotten. Donghae and Hyukjae decided that making out was so much more fun and eventually the group split up, only a couple staying in the living room.

“Your friends left you?”

Kyuhyun was startled at the deep voice so close to his ear. “…y-yeah?”

“I’ll keep you company.” Shiwon sat down next to the other; one hand strategically placed on Kyuhyun’s thigh.

“Ehm…” The hand travelled farther up his leg. “C-can you please stop that?”

“What?” Shiwon grinned, leaning in to nip at the younger man’s neck.


“Why not?”

“Because!” Kyuhyun scooted away.

Shiwon wouldn’t give up that easily. “You’re just scared.”

“Damn right I am.”

“Relax.” He let one arm slip around the other’s waist, pulling him closer.

Kyuhyun immediately stood up, shaking his head. “Stay away.”

With a grin on his face, Shiwon tugged Kyuhyun back down and covered the younger boy’s mouth firmly with his own. He loved a challenge.

Taken by surprise, Kyuhyun let Shiwon kiss him for a moment, let him press their lips together, until he felt a tongue swiping wetly over his lips, and he pulled back quickly, standing up.

“I told you to stop it!” He looked at Shiwon for a moment, wide-eyed and red-faced, before fleeing the room.

“Damn it,” Shiwon cursed to himself. “Don’t worry, Junior, we’ll get some soon,” he assured the bulge between his legs. “We’ll get some soon.”


“Well, Shiwon’s just a slut, you know.” Kangin’s oh-so-wise words were followed by a rather large belch. He grinned and held the almost-empty bottle of alcohol out to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun, who was perched up on top of the still washing machine, took the bottle with a small laugh and took a gulp. He’d run away from Shiwon and bumped into Kangin, who had been raiding the kitchen cupboards for more booze. After hearing about Kyuhyun’s little ‘encounter’ with their good host, Kangin had dragged a bottle of whisky, the younger boy, and himself into the laundry room.

“Is he really?” Kyuhyun asked, curiously. He hadn’t been around any of them enough to really get to know them yet, although from what he’d seen of Shiwon so far, Kangin was right.

Kangin nodded. “Yep. He’s tried it on with almost everyone here, at least once.” He rolled his eyes slightly, clearly unimpressed.

“Has he tried it on with you?”

Kangin let out a loud burst of laughter, shaking his head vigorously from side to side. “Fuck, no. He knows better than that.”

Kyuhyun laughed again and finished off the last of the alcohol. Then his eyes widened slightly. “Oops, sorry, I forgot to save you some.”

Kangin waved a hand carelessly. “Forget it. I’ve had plenty to drink so far tonight anyway.” He grinned up at Kyuhyun then, and Kyuhyun found himself smiling back. Kangin was nicer than he’d expected him to be.

“Anyway,” Kangin said a moment later, leaning himself up against the washing machine. “I can see why you didn’t wanna do anything,” he sniggered slightly, “it is Shiwon, after all.”

“Oh, it’s not that, I just didn’t want to do it with him.” Kyuhyun’s eyes widened slightly when he realised that he’d said that out loud. He could feel Kangin looking at him, and glanced down at the empty bottle in his hands, blaming it entirely for his now flushing cheeks.

A moment later he felt a warm hand on his thigh and hot breath against his neck. “So, you do wanna do it though?” Kangin’s fingers squeezed ever so slightly at Kyuhyun’s leg, making the younger boy gasp softly. “Just not with him?”

Kyuhyun raised his head and found himself staring straight into Kangin’s dark, heated gaze. The fingers, warm even through the material of his jeans, slid even further up. Kyuhyun blinked, and didn’t stop Kangin when he leaned closer. He felt warm lips against his neck and made a soft sound in the back of his throat. Taking this as a good sign, Kangin reached around Kyuhyun, taking hold of him by the waist and pulling him off the washing machine, pressing his slim body back against the machine with his own instead.

Hands had wormed their way under Kyuhyun’s shirt before he’d even realised; soft moans slipping through his lips as firm fingers circled a nipple. “But you don’t mind it with me, then?”

There was a distant thought in the back of Kyuhyun’s mind, that this was more than a little bit slutty, losing his virginity with someone he barely knew, pressed up against a washing machine. But the alcohol Kangin had made him drink covered those distant thoughts like a thick blanket, and when Kangin pressed their hips together, it became quite obvious that Kangin definitely didn’t care how slutty this might be.

Wrapping an arm around Kangin’s neck and sliding a hand down Kangin’s broad chest, Kyuhyun kissed his cheek. “With you is fine.”


Shiwon hadn’t liked being left on his own. Most everyone seemed to have split off into pairs and vanished off to who-knew-where in his parents’ large, empty house. He pouted unhappily to himself on the couch for a moment, before realising that no one else was there to see it, which was the reason for his pout in the first place. Pushing himself up off the couch, he stalked out of the living room, having half a mind to go find people, and taunt whoever it was who was having sex instead of him. Because that just wasn’t fair. People shouldn’t be in his home, having sex, when he was not.

He walked down the hallway, trying to decide who would be where. Sungmin had left to go ‘powder his nose’ – which was of course Sungminese for ‘preening’ – in the bathroom ages ago. And Sungmin was no fun anymore anyway, ever since he started to like Shindong.

Hyukjae and Donghae would, no doubt, be in a bedroom somewhere. Probably still arguing about the whole Yehsung-kissing-Donghae thing. Big deal. Shiwon didn’t blame Yehsung anyway; Donghae was a damn good kisser. Too bad Hyukjae didn’t like to share.

Heechul was probably with Yehsung and Hankyung somewhere. Sadly enough, Hankyung had stayed practically clinging to Yehsung the majority of the evening. Shiwon couldn’t understand why, he was much better looking than Yehsung, and he bitched a lot less too. Maybe he’d go find Hankyung and try to convince him to change his ‘I’ve never fucked a Chinese boy before’ into an ‘I have’.

He had no idea where Kibum and Eeteuk had gone. Probably somewhere together. Maybe they were finally confessing their undying love and screwing each other by now. Shiwon snarled, hating the idea of even more people that weren’t him having sex right now. If only Kyuhyun hadn’t run off, he thought to himself wistfully.

He was just wondering where Kangin had got to – drowned in the pool outside by now, he hoped – when a pair of strange noises stopped him in his tracks. He stood, still and silent, listening. There it was again. A moan. That was definitely a moan. Followed by a low voice saying something Shiwon couldn’t quite make out.

Great, he’d just happened to walk by two people having sex in the laundry room. Two people, neither of which was him. How depressing.

With a mind to go spoil their mood and mock whoever it was – he hoped it was Kibum and Eeteuk, which would be fun – Shiwon walked closer and pushed open the laundry room door quickly. The sight before him made his eyes go wide. It wasn’t Kibum and Eeteuk, and it wasn’t even Hyukjae and Donghae.

It took him a moment after seeing Kangin, half naked, thrusting himself forcefully inside a half naked Kyuhyun, to actually realise just what he was seeing. And when he realised what was going on, just who was pressing who against the washing machine, he had to stop himself from shouting, or screaming, or spazzing, or something.

‘Reputation, Choi,’ he thought to himself, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, ‘you have a reputation to uphold.’

Taking a deep breath and trying to wipe the surprise - and the evil glare he shot at Kangin’s back - from his face; out loud, Shiwon said, “you guys are so fucking gross,” before walking away again. Once out of earshot from the laundry room, Shiwon allowed himself to pout and stamp his foot repeatedly against the floor.

Kangin was fucking Kyuhyun! Before he had a chance! It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair at all.


Ryeowook, who had been hanging out with Shindong for the past twenty minutes in the kitchen – they were looking for marshmallows and crackers, to make marshmallow sandwiches – was still giggling as he made his way to the bathroom. Shindong was one of the few people Ryeowook actually felt comfortable around. Shindong was funny, and nice, and always made him laugh.

He pushed the bathroom door open, and the grin fell instantly off his face, shattering onto the blood-spattered floor.

To be continued ...

We're on crack. And you're going to love us for what's coming up 8DDD
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