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Title : iTunes meme. supposed to be
Pairing : Vary. KangTeuk, ShiMin, ShiMi, EunHae,
Genre : Angst, many angst…. Romance, Songfic
Rating : Vary. G – PG-13. (Written in each of them)
Length : 6 drabbles of 48 – 400sh words

Warnings: Un-beta'ed. One of them contains character death.

A/N : Actually I really, really, really wanted to write 10 drabbles according to the meme…. But then…. My head just stop spinning….. It’s like a brainfreeze *gasp* So I stopped at number 6. So, yeah… I’m fail. LOL. This is for convicted_eyes who wrote much better than this. I wrote this because of her drabbles back then. Hers is better…So yeah, I envy you!!!! And ryeowook4ever, the one who sent me birthday fic. <3333

It was 2 years of pain, 104 weeks of loneliness, 730 days of ache, 17520 hours of heartbroken, 1,051,200 minutes of misery, 63,072,000 seconds of agony. It felt like eternity. Without you.
Tags: pairing: various
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