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intro drabble ;x

Hello ^-^/ I was staring at my screen tonight and this just kinda.. came out. So I'm sure it's weak in some places and may seem a bit scattered ^^; but I wanted to share!

Title: Smiling
Pairing: N/A
Genre: drabble; angst
Rating: G
Notes: N/A

Kim KiBum was the consistently happy member of Super Junior. When people described him they often used terms like ‘bubbly’ or ‘warm’ or ‘friendly’. He was so warm and happy, in fact, that it had turned a few of the members – namely HeeChul – off when they’d first met.

But if he was so happy and bubbly – then what was he doing with his fingers pressed against wet tiles? Gripping, clawing at the smooth surface for support as tears rolled down his cheeks.

‘How could anyone be that happy all the time?’

Because it wasn’t safe not to be – because the only time it was safe to cry was when you could no longer tell if it was water or tears running down your cheeks. You could ignore the sobs, ignore your body shaking, and just pretend –

That it really was all okay.

And that you would still be smiling tomorrow.
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