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Title: You Could Have Asked, But That's Okay
Author: Angie
Pairing: Yehsung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Comments: Too OTP for their own good. Written in a universe where the Suju household doesn't exist.
Summary: Waking up alone was just not acceptable.

Sometimes when Yehsung wakes up in the morning, he doesn't find Ryeowook beside him. In the beginning, the emptiness boggled Yehsung, until the trend caught on, and he knew exactly where to find his lover.

Nibbling away on snacks like a mouse is where Ryeowook would be. Like if someone caught him in the kitchen, eating of all things, the world would end. So occasionally Yehsung likes to sneak up on him. Of course he respects Ryeowook's privacy, but sometimes the younger male needs to stop slipping from their room and away from Yehsung's arms, where he belongs.

And so when Yehsung finds his lover leaning against the counter, munching on something as always, he promply drops himself in front of the younger and plants a kiss on his lips.

"You taste like cookies," is Yehsung's deduction, and Ryeowook just gives him an incredulous smile.

"That's because I'm eating them."

Smiling back, Yehsung brushes the soft brown hair away from his boyfriend's forehead. "I know that, you dork." With those words, he claims possession of Ryeowook's sweet mouth, slipping his tongue in to tangle with the other boy's.

A humming sound vibrates through Ryeowook's throat when Yehsung slips a few fingers under the hem of his nightshirt and teases the sensitive skin. It all ends too soon, because Yehsung is pulling away and attaching himself to Ryeowook's neck.

He threads his fingers through the younger boy's and whispers, quite loudly, against one cheek, "Chocolate chip. Good choice."

And that sends Ryeowook into a fit of laughter, because even though Yehsung means well, deep inside he knows that he's not the only dork in the household.
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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