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19 April 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Challenge Update  
Title : 18 ; Keys
Characters : Siwon, Leeteuk
Genre : AU, romance
Rating :
Disclaimer : The boyband Super Junior belongs to SM Entertainment and to themselves respectively. I disown anything that you recognized in this fiction, except for the storyline, style of writing and plots.

A/N : okay i need something to distract the stress from my paperworks and finally i opened the challenge and find an easy topic with an impromptu storyline (which suck) and hey i wrote one in less than fifteen minutes so i guess i have to go back to finishing the shits i'm doing and hope you guys enjoy this because I AM CURRENTLY IN LOVE WITH SITEUK. period. i don't know why. D:

Summary : An idea of sabotaging the door safely planted in his mind.