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14 April 2011 @ 12:37 am
My teacher is a tease  

Title: my teacher is a tease
Author: [info]vanillafishy ~ (posting @ princess_heehee )
Pairing: Teukseob
Summary: Mister Park loves teasing one of his students just cause he thinks the reaction he get from that student is cute
Rating: pg-13 will be higher later on
Genre: AU, romance[?] school life
Warning: teacher/student relationship
Disclaimer: they tell me i'm Heechul's younger sister, so he owns me and i own Eunhyuk since he owns Donghae [sadly they aren't mine]
A/N: sweird pairings are weird but okay those 2 can be cute together /repeats their hug

'' I saw him standing there hugging a girl,''