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Five SJ drabbles

various sj drabbles
author: plastictear 
pairings: kyuchul, sibum, kangkyung (seriously, they have no reasonable pairing name), siwook, yery
ratings: from pg to r
genres: humour, angst, smut, fluff
a/n: I used this one SJ promt/pairing generator to get ten pairings and promts way back, and I finally got them all done. I'll only post half now and the other four (one of them sort of stretched into a oneshot so it might be posted separately) later. I don't like some of these, but hope they are any good x)
drabbles under the fake cut
Tags: pairing: hangeng/kangin, pairing: heechul/kyuhyun, pairing: siwon/kibum, pairing: siwon/ryeowook, pairing: yesung/henry

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