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05 April 2011 @ 10:49 pm
Abnormally Attracted to Teenage Boys 2B/4  
Tittle: Abnormally Attracted to Teenage Boys(2B/4)
Pairing: KiHaeHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: R
Ganre: Romance,Smut
Warning: Smut,Gender switch,Teacher and students
Summary: She’s just a trial teacher who suddenly trap between this two punk teenage boys…..

Chapter 2B: http://pikachu-attack.livejournal.com/14376.html

Prologue: http://pikachu-attack.livejournal.com/11702.html
Chapter 1: http://pikachu-attack.livejournal.com/12269.html
Chapter 2A: http://pikachu-attack.livejournal.com/13703.html