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There's a GAP

so MIND it

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Mena's Resources + Watch The Community + Missy's Resources

Welcome to mindthe_, an icon journal full of icons and stuff made by Missy and Mena. Two cool chicks that are.....well, just flat out cool. Here we will post all the cool graphics we make in our free time. You can keep track of our posts by friending us. Yes, we are talking to you. If you plan on friending us please don't try to join the community, it wont let you.

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o1. Credit; Please credit in keywords when using an icon. When using an icon made by Missy, always credit hipponoodles. When using an icon made by Mena, always credit yourlaughter. Don't credit MINDTHE_ anymore.
o2. Comment; Be sure to comment with what icons you are taking and where you are using them.
o3. No Hotlinking; Just don't do it. Paying for extra bandwidth is a pain and I really hate doing it. So please for the sake of me and my wallet, upload the icons to your own host.
o4. No Customizing; Unless you are told otherwise, do not customize any of the icons or graphics that we post. This is a biggie with textless icons. They are not bases, and just because they don't have text does not mean we don't spend time on them.
o5. Requests; Please don't flood the posts with requests. If you watch the community you will find that we will put up specific posts for certain requests. But, I'm sure if you ask nicely we will try to fill any requests you have.