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Name / Nickname (<--- You don't have to put your real name)- Daze
Age- 18
Astrological Sign (If you don't know then put when..i e : Late June)- Aquarius
City/ State- Columbus, Ohio

Books that made the biggest impression and why.
1. Fiend. It's about a very mentally disturbed kid that hurt other little boys and sometimes even killed them. I like the book because it makes me think about things I usually wouldn't think about. Plus, I love anything that has to do with psychology and the criminal mind.
2. Reviving Ophelia. That book gave me a lot of strength in a time when I felt weak. It also has to do with psychology.
3. House Of Secrets. It's just a very well written book. It's a true story about a whole family of crazy fucks. It shows just how sick and twisted people can be.
4. Grit and Gumption. It's just a really funny and very true book. It always puts me in a good mood when I'm feeling like shit.

Movies You Idolize.
1. Dazed and Confused
2. Good Will Hunting
3. Homeroom
4. Manic

Bands You Lust After.
1. Otep
2. Shinedown
3. Level C
4. Odious

Things you do better than anyone else, Come on....be honest.
1. I write poetry better than anyone I know.
2. I'm really good with fast comebacks.
3. I'm a great listener. Everyone always comes to me when they need someone to talk to.
4. I give good advice. Everyone comes to me for advice, including older folks.
5. I can make people believe ANYTHING.

Artists you like, Like visual artists..not musical.
1. Emmerson
2. Tennyson
3. Thoreau


Be honest here, don't just put what you think will get you in.Please put your views..not just yes or no.

Your Politics- I never really thought about politics until the last election. I myself am an independant. I don't like Bush. I would have rather seen Nader win the election but it's a little unrealistic to think an independant would make it in to office.

Suicide- I'd prefer not to speak on this subject right now.

Love- Love is a bitch. For some people it's good, for me it sucks!

Drug Usage- I am a recovering drug addict. nuff said??

The Harvey Milk Institute- What the hell is that?

Anti-Deppressants- They don't work. They make you numb and emotionless, not to mention, anti-social.

Hot Topic- It's good for certain things. I get shirts there that I can't find online sometimes. I also have some body jewlery from there. But, I will admit that it's over rated and too over-ran with preps that want to pretend they're someone else.

Creation of the World- This would be a very long and in depth story if I wrote about it so I will refrain from this subject for now.


What you would change about yourself- My teeth. I have very low calcium so my teeth chip and break very easy. Too many trips to the dentist.

What you like about yourself- My ability to put my feelings aside for someone else or when someone else is in need of my assistance.

How you dress- I dress in whatever I have. I do like the more laid back/punkish look but I'll wear pretty much anything if it looks good on me.

What pisses you off (3 Only)- People who spit when they talk. When someone touches me with their feet. Being interupted.

What Makes you happy (3 Only)- I'm happy when Nick is happy. When I'm hanging out with my dad. Playing with my nephew.

What makes you a mindfuck? I'm crazy and laid back at the same time. I'm eccentric and like strange things.

A Recent Picture of You-

-If you are afraid of it getting out, blur or color over your face

A Picture of Anything Else

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