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::Heres my application::
Name / Nickname: Hein
Age: 15
Astrological Sign: Cancer
City/ State: Ft.Lauderdale , FL

Books that made the biggest impression and why
1.Pigs at the trough |how corporate greed and political corrutption are undermining america|- because it pointed out things most people are too blind to see now a days in corporate america.
2. Go ask Alice-- Shows what happens when you totally let go and give into drugs, and other temptations.
3. Addicted- A women becomes addicted to Sex, and her husband helps her through it.. Because it shows true love is strong.
4.Forrest Gump- You can do anything you set your mind too!!!!!!!!! lol

Movies You Idolize
1. Clockwork Orange
2. Romper Stomper-- no im not a neo-nazi its just a good movie with an awesome soundtrack.
3. Blow-- Johnny Depp is so hott.
4. Alice in Wonderland

Bands You Lust After
1. Crass
2. Subhumans
3. The Casualties
4. Oxymoron

Things you do better than anyone else Come on....be honest
1. Pluck eyebrows!
2. un-tie knots--sad but true I can UNDO any knot! (this have been proven)
3. Laugh
4. Make a scrambled egg and cheese with syrup sandwhich
5. Drink Milk-- my favortie drink the world.

Artists you like Like visual artists..not musical
1.  Im not to familar with names, but most art work is simply amazing, I would like to learn more and see more than just what I know.
Politics--  We're a Free country! cause we pay to be free. Bush--out. I think more people should be aware of the country's dirty politicans, yea people complain about it all the time, but always cease to do anything.  Also. When people don't vote then complain about whos in Office pisses me off. They say we don't choose any way, which is true. But Don't complain if you can't even get to a voting booth and attemp to speak your mind. B.T.W gay marrages= definatley.

Suicide-- Persoanlly, I think a person needs to be strong to do that, it takes a lot of balls, but If you have the nuts to do that you should have the nuts to face life and reality.

Love--  Very hard to come across. and Very hard to let go. I think any one, no matter age or any of that B.S can fall in love. YES that means gay people too asshole Bush. Love is Love.

Drug Usage-- I have had a FAIR share of all types of drugs.....I occasinly smoke some pot, and often drink beer, but I don't suggest doing drugs. Im not into hardcore drugs.

The Harvey Milk Institute-- GO GAY CULTURES! No problems with it at all.

Anti-Deppressants-- From experience, I think it can help a person, My mom has been/ is on them, and it really did even her out. I think they should be perscribed cautiously not just to anyone who says they are depressed.

Hot Topic--  Not my type of store. yes a little trendy, and expensive, but hey if its your thing go for it. I like the thrift store and online stores.

Creation of the World-- Big bang.


What you would change about yourself-- Im not to sure. I just might be happy with my self. I complain to myself about my weight, but Im not fat at all, Im not skinny either. I'm happy how I am, but I wouldn't mind to be maybe a little slimmer..

What you like about yourself-- I love my honesty, I wont lie if you ask me a question, its not even about just being a good person, I just can't lie to someone. I love my sence of humor as well, I love to laugh, and make people laugh, I do both often so its very fun. I love my hair (I have a mohawk), and my eyes (green)

How you dress-- I am a Punk, and Im proud. I'm the 77' punk rock/Oi! kind of punk....You all say "I don't like to label myself" why? You are what you are. Many people flip out and jump about when you say the words PUNK, I have come to realize, in other people's eyes it is impossible to be a punk or any sub clulture with a label like Goth, or Emo Theres always someone to call someone else a pouser. but who is the real pouser. Those who judge or those who are? . My friends and myself..we are punks, no doubt about it.  I shop at the thrift store, I alter and make my own clothes. But I like loud colors, and styles.

What pisses you off-- Liars, racists, sluts

What Makes you happy-- punk music, friends, milk

What makes you a mindfuck?  I am, loud, opiniated, and strong.
A Recent Picture of You
yea looks a little weird, and my hair is down. and sorry its so BIG

A Picture of Anything Else:
 These are my boots. I love them. they are sexy to me.

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