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My name is Charlene. I am a Nineteen year old Gemini from Luna Pier Michigan

Books that made the biggest impression and why (no particular order)
1. Angela's Ashes... because It was heartworming. It was dramatically sad, terribly shocking, yet realistically true
2. Memnoch the Devil-for some odd reason, I have always had an infatuation with theology. This book meshed together my favorite author, Anne Rice, with religious questioning. It was inspiring, not influencial.
3. Blood and Gold--yet again (Anne Rice), only this book and character reside in ancient Rome. A time and place that in my mind, was perfect. I long to know more about ancient Italy altogether... it was beautifully descriptive..
4.Dude, Wheres my Country? It was hilarious. Brought forth points I hadn't considered before, and taught me things I did not know.

Movies You Idolize--I don't idolize anything really. I will categorize movies I love by actors, because the actor makes the movie, right?
1. Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton Films like The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, KPax, Fight Club, Italian Job, etc   
2. B rated Movies with actors like Bruce Campell. Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 1 & 2
3. John Cusack and Brendan Fraser films.  MonkeyBone, Bedazzled, the Mummy, the Mummy 2, In the Army Now, Encino Man, Runaway Jury, High Fidelity, Being John Malkovich, Grosse Pointe Blank,
4.Cheesy... but true. I love Vampire crap. Interview with a Vampire is one of my favorite movies, simply because it portrays a different type of beauty for the legendary vampire that most people wouldn't consider. I like majority of movies that even mention vampires... I'm such the nerd.

Bands You Lust After-lust? Oh crap.
1.trent reznor baby...nin
3.saves the day
4.the russel crow band just because russel crow will marry me someday.

Things you do better than anyone else Come honest
1.I have to list five of these?! I can outbitch anyone when it comes to everyday life
2.I can remember phone numbers as if my brain were a directory... hear it once, it sticks forever
3.I am definitely the best at manipulating the system. I can find a loophole in ANYTHING. Taxes? sure >.<
4.I'd like to say I can write better than anyone else, but that is impossible. Writing is so complex, theres no one way.
5.I give up. I suck better than anyone else?

Artists you like Like visual artists..not musical
1.I have two Van Gogh prints in my apartment. Le Champ de Bles and Boats at Saint Marine
2.One Salvador Dali print. The best one...
3.I own two Monet prints as well


Your Politics-liberal democrat. fix welfare. feed the hungry, shelter the homeless. down with bush. stop the stupid war over oil, who the hell cares? stop birth-control forms of abortion

Suicide-people do it. sure. I don't. I won't. I have a daughter (yes, at nineteen. shes almost two). I know people who have. I think there needs to be more involvement in that area
Love-its wonderful... but it doesn't last forever. You may love forever, but not be IN love forever, It eventually dies away...that happy butterfly feeling
Drug Usage-I pretty much think drugs are a waste. Ive done my share in the day. Got over it, move on. They are wasteful of money, too. I am very very against cocaine, crack, heroine, and other intense street drugs. I don't much give a rats ass about marijuana...
The Harvey Milk Institute-no?
Anti-Deppressants-I think that anti depressants are prescribed far too easily. especially right now. With this whole new cool "emo" trend kids are calling themselves depressed over EVERYTHING. "My guitar is the wrong color, give me some prozac" dumbasses. I don't think physicans should issue them so easily. They are addictive drugs... I've been on four of them and my doctor was a bloody moron.
Hot Topic-won't shop there. Granted, I love a lot of stuff in there. But I refuse to be the new trend. I avoid that store altogether so I won't be tempted.
Creation of the World-Big Bang Theory
What you would change about yourself
I would go back in time to right after delivering my daughter, and I wouldn't eat like I was still pregnant. I would change my fatness. I would loose the exzema and all other medical issues.
What you like about yourself

May sound odd.. but I like being a bitch. I enjoy saying what the hell I want, and I enjoy that it angers people
How you dress

If it fits, I'm happy with it.
What pisses you off (3 Only)
slutty girls. birth control form abortion. neglecting parents.
What Makes you happy (3 Only) arguments(debates i guess), journalism, and art

What makes you a mindfuck?Want to tell me what the definition of a 'mindfuck' is? heh

This is my daughter, Riley Adrian


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