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we split the last one an hour ago...

Name -
Age- fifteen.
Astrological Sign- taurean (creative, stubborn, lazy, strong-minded, respitory problems, vocal)
City/ State- brisbane, australia.

Books that made the biggest impression and why
fight club, by chuck palahniuk. it's just the biggest mind fuck (cough, i'm a loser, cough) of a book, seriously. i love things like that, which just can get you so fired up about something, whether or not you agree with what's being said.
2.stupid white men, by michael moore. what can i say? i'm a stupid leftwing australian. i was interested in his books because i loved bowling for columbine and was interested in what else he had to say for himself. its a good book to read whenever, and just randomly picking it up and reading random chapters at a time. it's easy to read because he writes very socially.
3. alice in wonderland, lewis carrol. it's just a beautiful book and he illustrates in your mind, this fascinating otherworld that makes you love reading all over again. i dont care if he "wrote it whilst on pot", it's written beautifully, and is really enchanting.
4. to kill a mockingbird, harper lee. although the tale is old, i love how it's so incredibly ahead of it's time. seriously, if you take it out of context, it can be applied to any bias or prejudice in the world that we still face. plus, her cousin wrote breakfast at tiffany's. so yeah. bonus!

Movies You Idolize
white oleander. just beautiful.
2. fight club. what it lacked in being as good as the book, it replaced with beating up brad pitt.
3. almost famous. what can i say? i love patrick fugit.
4. donnie darko. (how cliche..) really it's all about that smurf monologue.

Bands You Lust After
2. smashing pumpkins
3. tsunami bomb
4. simon and garfunkel

Things you do better than anyone else Come honest
hug. i'm all squishy and tall and people say they feel safe when they hug me.
2. sweat tremendously without smelling bad, at all. which is really handy cos we get the worst summers here.
3. crack my ankle-joints. i have musical feet. i can pop/crack them as much as i like, whenever i like. it's great.
4. get sick. not like throwing up, but i have the lowest immune system a kid without aids could get. it sucks cos i have to take days off school all the time, and i love school (nerrrrrd)
5. be extremely boring. i'm quite happy to stare at my eljay all day for all i care. and not say anything for 24 hours. i'm so dull.

Artists you like Like visual artists..not musical
dali. what's not to like? its the way he makes his surrealist paintings look photographic. it's fabulous.
2. matisse. i learned to love his work from my art class, where my seat was infront of this huge matisse shrine. and i just loved looking at it.
3. ernst. the first painting i've ever been given was Paysage ay germe de blé, and i adore it so. i think that's the painting that made me realise that whatever i did with my life, i'd only be happy if i had art woven between it.


Be honest here, don't just put what you think will get you in.Please put your views..not just yes or no.

Your Politics-
i'm left wing and a member of Socialism Australia. i dont think world leaders have any right to acting for their nation without consolidating the population via a poll or some form of surveying. even if they do believe its for the greater good of the nation, they really can't say they have the nation's best intrest in mind, when they dont know what's going on in their nation's mind.
Suicide- this is tricky for me to answer, as i've been suicidal in the past, and have friends who are/have been suicidal, or have succeeded in suicide. it's not an issue to be taken lightly, but i think taking it too seriously, and overwhelming suicidal people with all this attention when they express some intention of hurting themselves, because it can be overwhelming and sometimes seem false. i dont see much point in commiting suicide if its about something that isnt going to matter in a year's time...
Love- is around us. i think its one of those emotions that we glamorize too often. i hate how one of my friends will be going out with someone for not even a month, and proudly exclaim they're love for their partner to everyone. it's all become very commercial and fake and i hate all this hallmark expressionism of love that really just depends on how hot a person is. love is alive, but it takes a person who isnt an idiot to realise this.
Drug Usage- i'm not into drugs so it's not my place to say anything against it, other than what i know about it. i dont see too much point in intoxicating yourself and risking so much just for a good time, especially if you forget about it. but it's a good excuse for obesity. hrrmmm. whatever. i have friends who use their drugs, and have used them around me. i just dont see anything attractive about it so i dont do it, its just not me. i dont think you should do anything like that for any other reason than your own needs or wants or opinions. if its you, then that's fine, but if it isnt, its a waste of time, money, and other people's drugs.
The Harvey Milk Institute-  the what?
Anti-Deppressants-  can work, or not work. depending on your willingness of be set from the diagnosis you've been given. they realease the chemicals you need to rebalance the chemicals in the brain that've caused the illness. both my parents are psychiatrists, and so i know all that stuff about them. and i've talked to their patients, mostly who believe since being on the right antidepressants, they've felt better. but i really think it's a psychological willingness to want to get better. even if it does all that chemical stuff, if the patient isnt willing to feel better, then it'll only take longer.
Hot Topic-  we dont have one of those down here. but i guess it'd be handy for bits and bobs that people want to get. i dont see why all the "real punks" are so against it. i mean sure, it makes "poseurs" more accessable to all the stuff that was "underground" before hot topic came around, but it also means  that better music might eventually become better regarded towards. and as with all trends, they pass. and what leaves behind are the kids who really are true to the subculture or whatever. plus, as far as i know, punk/goth or whatever type clothing, is hard to come by, and expensive, so i guess it's a plus. and if you dont like it, just dont go in there. it really is that easy.
Creation of the World-  i believe in the big bang theory. i'm open to other theories. but that's the only one that's really ever made enough sense to me for me to stand by it.


What you would change about yourself-
  my stupid accent. i wasn't born in australia, and i learned english in france from watching sesame street, so what came of it when i moved to australia was this english/australian/irish/french/american sounding accent and the "incorrect" spelling of the word mom. (australian's spell it mum). oh and my skull, cos one side's thicker than the other.
What you like about yourself- my eyes, and my hair. and my honesty. i like that i'm not bothered by my imperfections, because i know that they're very much there, and they're very much viewable by everyone else. i like that i'm stubborn and i'm honest and i dont like being told what to do, especially if i dont believe in the reasons for doing it.
How you dress-  is my own style i guess. i dont really have one precise way of dressing, or acting, although i've been told it's emo or indie, because i'm pretty oblivious to most trends. if i like something, and i like the way it looks on me, and it's comfortable, and i can wear it with other things i own, then i'll buy it. i wont go out of my way to buy something because i want to be thought of in a certain light, i'll wear somethinf for years and years if i'm comfortable in it, and if i still like it.
What pisses you off (3 Only)- dishonesty, hypocrisy, and people who force their beliefs onto others.
What Makes you happy (3 Only)-  good music, creating anything, and companionship.
What makes you a mindfuck? i can make people laugh at things that aren't funny. i can use words to say exactly what i mean, but still confuse the shit out of people. i'm very good at tangents. and i have my own mind and i'm not the slightest bit interested in anyone who doesnt.
A Recent Picture of You - have four!

A Picture of Anything Else

 byron bay, australia. home of the blues and roots festivals, and splendour in the grass. i want to live here, if not london or canada. it's got the most brilliant ambience about it.

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