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Name / Nickname : Linda -or- Linzinater
Age: 15
Astrological Sign : Capricorn
City/ State: Marysville Washington

Books that made the biggest impression and why
1.Okay so if they are books that made impressions on other people or myself? hmm.. well Harry Potter made a big difference but i do not read those books anymore.
2. Bloodbath- People explore their evil side..
3. Lord of the Rings- Awesome to read
4. White Fang- The dog is brilliant!

Movies You Idolize
1. Edward Scissorhands!
2. Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Scary Movie

Bands You Lust After
1. AFI
2. The Used
3. Anti-Flag
4. The Ataris

Things you do better than anyone else Come on....be honest
1. Cheerleading ( though i dont do it anymore)
2. Burping - hehe
3. Sneaking out of the house at night
4. Riding my bike backwards

Artists you like Like visual artists..not musical
1. Visual.. could that be Shakespeare?
2. Picasso..
3. Thats all i know


Be honest here, don't just put what you think will get you in.Please put your views..not just yes or no.

Your Politics- Sorry to tell ya i dont really know that one. Unless that involves Bush. Grrr. He should be impeached.

Suicide- Not good. I had a friend commit suicide. It changed all of our lives. NEVER try it, life will get so much better.

Love- I wish to experience it. Seems like a beautiful thing to have while it lasts.

Drug Usage- I dont mind too much if other people do it but I would never do drugs.

The Harvey Milk Institute- Whatever that is.. I like milk.

Anti-Depressants- That can be very helpful if someone is depressed.. maybe it could help them to not commit suicide!

Hot Topic- Good store for bracelets and some clothes. I wish it wasn't so expensive though.

Creation of the World- That is so fucking confusing on how that happened! Maybe we WERE apes at the beginning of time. Who knows?


What you would change about yourself- The birthmark on my leg that isn't that noticeable but i hate it anyways. And maybe my height. I'm 5'3". I would like to be 5'4". But it is all good.

What you like about yourself- For the most part, i like myself as a whole. I like my teeth, braces did them good. And my hair because it is 3 colors: red, brown, and black!

How you dress: Um.. from what friends say i dress punk/goth type. Though I sometimes get called a skater?? I dont believe in labels..

What pisses you off (3 Only) Boys who say they will call and dont, all the Good Charlotte haters (even though I see why they are so hated), and how my radio station 106.1 changed to hiphop/rap.

What Makes you happy (3 Only) Friends, boys, and music.

What makes you a mindfuck? i can hold a handstand for 30 seconds (the best i can do) and i can stick my leg behind my head!

Picture of me!

And of something else: my shoes


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