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AHHHHH IM SO SORRY i forgot to LJCUT it and the imgsrc link messed up :( ah im so sorryyyyy heres the redo (just delete the other post):

Samantha... aka sam, sami, sammy, sammi.... uh yeah anything
Silver Springs and Laurel, Maryland... ocasionally i go with my dad's exwife in miami, fl

Books that made the biggest impression and why
i dont mean to sound stupid but i dont really read many books... i read what we read in school but eh i dont really like those books.... recommend a book and i'll read it!

Movies You Idolize
1. Lady & The Tramp
2. Birdcage
3. Rocky Horror Picture Show
4. Bring it on (im a former cheerleader)

Bands You Lust After
1. Static X (lol yes a cheerleader liking heavy metal)
2. weezer
3. wheatus
4. brand new

Things you do better than anyone else Come honest
1. cheerlead ;-)
2. sing
3. get injured..?
4. give advice (depends on the situation though)
5. change styles (like goth to prep... lol dont hate me for it please)

Artists you like Like visual artists..not musical
dont know any.... :( i like looking at art! i just dont know the names of the people


Your Politics~ i dont care. as long as we get rid of bush and become a liberal country that allows gay marriages and whatnot then im a-ok with it all

Suicide~ ive lost a friend to suicide and i hate it and ive lost a friend to a car accident that tried suicide twice before.

Love~ i think we r too young and we should wait until were older... its all lust now

Drug Usage~ i used to do a few drugs... they arent good for u and they shouldnt be in our country

The Harvey Milk Institute~ wut?

Anti-Deppressants~ should be used when absoultely neccessary

Hot Topic~ hehe i like that store... me and my twin sister go there all the time

Creation of the World~ um its all science+God mixed


What you would change about yourself~ i would make myself less busty so i wouldnt get so much... "attention" hehe

What you like about yourself~ i like my looks for the most part but looks dont matter to my perfect guy so i guess i like how im open for the most part!

How you dress~ lol like i said before i change around a lot... i go from "goth" to preppy to whatever.. i dont believe in labels, im just saying that so u get the point

What pisses you off (3 Only)~ conservative USA, wanabees that wont admit it, people that make u pay for sex

What Makes you happy (3 Only)~ music, friends, fam

What makes you a mindfuck?~ wut exactly is a mindfuck? i'll answer after someone explains

A Recent Picture of You~ check my user pictures... im in one of them (clearly im not the CAT)

A Picture of Anything Else~ my other user pic is my cat!!! hehe

^^thats my friend DJ... hehe! hes so adorable isnt he? he was on some... ezine thing... lol neway thats my other pic

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