BASICS Name - MaryKate; masha Age - 13 Astrological Sign - Virgo City/ State - Falls Church VA Favorite..... Books that made the biggest impression and why 1. Power of One - powerfully written 2. white oleander - dark, deep, entrancing 3. silmarillion - brilliant beyond brilliant 4. -- Movies You Idolize 1. donnie darko (yes. . . im a loser like that) 2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula 3. Edward Scissorhands 4. Nightmare Before Christmas Bands You Lust After 1. Murderdolls 2. Disturbed 3. PapaRoach 4. Nirvana Things you do better than anyone else Come honest 1. whine 2. be depressed 3. ADHD 4. bipolar 5. cry Artists you like Like visual artists..not musical 1. Gaugin (spelling . . .? ) 2. Bleeker (grafitti) 3. -- Opinions Be honest here, don't just put what you think will get you in.Please put your views..not just yes or no. Your Politics - avid republican. Severly anti-abortion. i love bush, kerry is a liar, hypocrite, and a coward. Suicide - i have lost 5 friends in three years, i try every now and again Love - illogical, beautiful, unnerving Drug Usage - i used to do so many, it ruins lives. still getting over them. :-/ The Harvey Milk Institute - I like cheese Anti-Deppressants - Over prescribed. Seems like everyone except the people who need them get them Hot Topic - i hate to use the word, but ‘poseur’ Creation of the World - i dont care. God, big bang, whatever Describe.... What you would change about yourself - Quick Judgement What you like about yourself - Individuality How you dress - black, red, b&w stripes What pisses you off (3 Only) 1. people who dont know who they are 2. john kerry 4. people who label What Makes you happy (3 Only) 1. music 2. good conversation 3. tim burton movies What makes you a mindfuck? A Recent Picture of You sorry my pictures are all screwed right now
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