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She sighed as they floated along. They'd long since left Kadaj and Yazoo, and now she waited. For the right time to bother Cloud. Aerith understood that these matters were delicate, and she could not just bust in whenever she wanted. She'd wait for an easy time, to slip into a dream, communicate quickly, and slip out.

The Lifestream was not an exciting place. She was anxious to talk with Cloud because, even if she was a bringer of bad news, it represented some change. Mischeivously she glanced at Zack and pulled lightly and playfully on one of his spikes. "Any messages I should deliver to him while I'm there?" Zack and Cloud had been close -- this she understood easily even if she'd never witnessed their friendship firsthand. Aerith wished she could take Zack with her, drag him along for a surprise visit as well, but understood the strain it would place on him. It wasn't easy for Zack to leave like it was for her.

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