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Middle Earth

Lord of the Rings Character Analysis
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This is a community to come and discuss your favorite characters of Lord of the Rings. To talk and put forth topics on why they are your favorites or what you don't like about them. Also to compare and contrast the characters from the books and how you like or dislike how they are portrayed in the movies.

This is also a community for the different cultures of Middle Earth and the different places, as well as the music composed by Howard Shore and how it gives life to the cultures and places.

Community rules:

1) Do not start flame wars. Respectfully discuss and the debate the topics.

2) If you have quizzes or pictures to post limit them to a max of two per post and use an LJ cuts

3) If you have fanfics please post a link and not the fanfic itself.

4) Please note: No slash is permitted here. (This community is about genuine analysis if the characters. If you believe that slash was truly an intention of J.R.R Tolken, Peter Jackson, or any of the actors then feel free to talk about it. If you just want to gossip about how cute two actors are together, this is not the place.)

5) Spoilers must be placed behind LJ cuts.

6) Please note this is for character analysis. Please refrain from fan-girl posts on how sexy or beautiful the different actors/actresses are.

7)No advertisements for other communities. Such posts will be deleted. If you truly believe it would be beneficial to advertise here, e-mail me and I'll consider your post.

8) No off topic posts.

9) Enjoy yourself.

This community was created by pippinshire
Currently managed by hdgotham
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