I thought I would share this link to my favorite character analysis (probably because it is about my favorit character).

Who is Tom Bombadil?

Excerpt -
It is also important to note the tremendous power and control that Tom has over the ring. He is, first of all, able to overcome its normal effects. When he puts it on his finger, he does not become invisible. When Frodo puts it on his finger, Tom is still able to see Frodo: he is "not as blind as that yet". Second, Tom is able with ease to use the ring in ways that were not intended by its maker, for he is able to make the ring itself disappear. (It is possible that Sauron himself might be unable to do this, for the ring embodied a great part of Sauron's own power, drained from him during its making.) Such power over the ring, displayed almost as a parlor trick, I submit, cannot be accounted for by classifying Tom Bombadil as an anomalous nature spirit.

Does anyone else have some good character links?
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It seems, from those of you who answered, there is a high interest in talking about the books.
As a means to stir up some conversation I will try to post a weekly topic for discussion.
It may be a character, a location, a quote, or something similar. If you have two cents to share about the topic, please pitch'em in.

I will also be hunting around for some good analysis of the stories done by outside sources.

There also seemed to be support for freshinging up the community a bit. I will work on getting some new icons, and re-doing the layout (a new background and such), maybe making some banners.

For starters a topic of disscution -

Beyond the Black Gates, in Sauron's domain.
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Poll #368101 Middle Earth Topics

What would you like to see more of from this community?

Discussion about the Books
Discussion about the Movies
Actor/Actress critiques
Outside character analysis re-posted here (as in from other webpages, or critics)

If you answered other, please explain.

Do you think this community could use a redesign?

No! I love it the way it is.
Sure, I'm always up for change.
Heck yeah, it's about time.
It doesn't really matter to me.
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I thought I’d let you all know, pippinshire has officially handed this community over to me for management.
It’s been awhile sense we’ve really been talking on here, so I think it might be nice if everybody introduce themselves, and maybe tell about their favorite character/moment/scene in the books/movies.

My favorite character is Tom Bombadil. My absolute favorite part in the films is when Leg makes the "should I get you a box" joke in Two Towers. It’s the first time in the films that I think Orlando Bloom really was Legolas and not just 'random elf guy'.
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The Fate of Faramir

I have been recently re-reading (again!) FotR and I was struck by something that Boromir says at the Council of Elrond:

I come to ask for council and the unravelling of hard words. For on the eve of the sudden assault a dream came to my brother in a troubled sleep; and afterwards a like dream came oft to him again, and once to me.

Boromir goes on to describe the dream about the broken sword and Isildur's bane. It then says

...Therefore my brother, seeing how desperate was our need, was eager to heed the dream and seek for Imladris; but since the way was full of doubt and danger, I took the journey upon myself.

This passage suggests very strongly that it was Faramir's fate and not Boromir's to be part of the fellowship because he recieved the dream or prophesy repeatedly and because he was so keen to heed the dream. If we also consider Faramir's character in the books rather than the film and his ability to resist the ring and to do what is right for the people of Middle Earth and not just for Gondor, it presents someone who would have been far better suited to accompany the ring than Boromir who is proud and in many ways weak.

Was Boromir then sent the dream by the dark powers to throw a spanner in the works and try and change the fate of the ring.

What do people think?
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Hi all,

I thought I'd try and stir up some debate at this community.

I was wondering if you had all seen these pictures of Glorfindel as he appears in the Weta trading cards. The actor was employed on the films and Glorfindel can be seen at the coronation of Aragorn standing by Arwen's banner.

Given the massive amount of debate of Glorfindel's role being usurped by Arwen, what do people think of this representation of him. Is it true to the book? Would you still rather have seen Glorfindel appearing in the film. Comments please! :)

Pictures behind cut to save those with dialup!Collapse )