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michellianne_'s Journal

Fandom For You
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This is my Icon journal and I pretty much make icons of things that I like, no matter how obscure. I'm just starting so they come out funny but yeah I'm going to keep practicing. I made this journal because I need a place to keep them all. My personal journal is debeney

When taking an icon please credit to either michellianne_ or debeney I am not picky when it comes to which one but please CREDIT. I take my time to make these icons and share them, even though I don't have to, so the least you can do is credit. Am I right or am I right? ;)

In order to see all my art work just join don't just watch it cause then you won't be able to see everything.


Brushes, Textures & Gradients:
100x100_brushes inxsomniax colorfilter lightisdark dark_soul_lost saturness 1000_pixels _coquetish crazy_perfume brushaxbrusha gamin1432 prettywitchstar pyro_icons imare _wheresthewind fophead jeweledicecream _sithcons Magicbox


Most of my picures I get from my friends and google.

Debbie Pics- Most are def from mistress_mini , caps by debeney

Ann-Margret- Most are also def from littlekimmcafee caps by debeney

Courteney Cox Arquette- Google LOL got some from my twin like that ad one veru_db_rks and scans by me (debeney) caps by debeney

Desperate Housewives Caps- All from missmanics over at cap_it

Gillian Anderson- from nextuesday and google

The rest Im certain I googled.

This will obviously be updated often.

Fellow Iconers to check out (cause they are way better than me!):
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diesiraeart - Krys' Icon Journal

Banner Maker For:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All graphics and layouts are

(formally michellianne )

all the drugs, ann-margret, audry hepburn, autoamerican, beneath the bleach, bernadette peters, bette midler, bikini kill, blondie, candice burgen, catcher in the rye, cbgb, celebrity skin, charmed, chicago, chocolate, courteney cox, courteney cox arquette, courtney cox, courtney love, courvid, cynthia nixon, danceaway, dangerous minds, david arquette, dead like me, debbie harry, debeney, debhead, debheads, deborah harry, degrassi, desperate housewives, eat to the beat, electric guitar, faith fairfield, faith hill, family ties, fat actress, fleetwood mac, flyleaf, for your eyes only, free to fall, friends, gale weathers, garbage, get well soon, gillian anderson, helen hunt, hold me, hole, holly marie combs, hope & faith, horrorpops, james patterson, julianne moore, juliette and the licks, kate winslet, kelly ripa, koo koo, kraft cheese, kristin davis, kurt cobain, law & order: svu, laws of attraction, le tigre, leah remini, lee ann womack, lindsay boxer, lisa marie presley, mad about you, marcia cross, marcia gay harden, mariska hargitay, martina mcbride, mary-louise parker, maybe just for sure, megan mullally, megan mullaly, michael j. fox, michelle pfeiffer, michellianne, mix it up, monica geller, mono, mrs dalloway, murphy brown, nicole kidman, nightmare on elmstreet, nirvana, no doubt, no exit, one fine day, onyx black eyeliner, parallel lines, passerby, pat benatar, patricia arquette, photoshop, plastic letters, playing your song, psychology, punk, reba mcentire, rock, rockbird, rosanna arquette, saturday night live, seduced by madness, sex and the city, shayla, silence of the lambs, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie sioux, six ways to sunday, stevie nicks, stigmata, stilettos, strong medicine, sunday girl, sweet and low, the adicts, the burn list, the clash, the color black, the cure, the curse of blondie, the distillers, the hours, the hunter, the l word, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, the scream trilogy, the sex pistols, the shrink is in, the sounds, the virgin suicides, the witches of eastwick, tina fey, union city, union city blue, vanilla bean frappacino, victor, violet, virginia wolf, war child, white oleander, will & grace, x-files