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I'm back!

I have been meaning to update this journal with icons but I never really got around to it. It was always something, either I had no internet, I wasn't in a photoshop mood or I was merely being lazy.

I decided to start making things again and posting them here, even if is a small icon post of 5 icons every day or whatever.

I also revamped the layout because the other layout was really really old XD

Onto the good stuff!

I had originally made a ton of icons but I deleted them because I decided that they sucked so I am only posting the ones that I made today/yesterday/some of the old ones. See if you can guess which ones are the older ones ;)

[4] Gillian Anderson
[2] Mary-Louise Parker
[5] The X-Files

[1] Gillian Anderson

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More to come very very soon!

Welcome to Icon mania cafe may I take your order?

Yes lucky you, you have reached Icon Mania Cafe on a very good day!

We are offering the following servings of...

[15] Marcia Cross

[2] Courteney Cox Arquette

[6] Deborah Harry

[3] Michelle Pfeiffer

[2] Patricia Arquette

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Ok I hope you enjoyed the servings of these following young ladies, don't forget to leave me a tip (AKA Comment and credit ;) )

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out haha! =P


Well here's my first post!! I suck lol I'm trying to improve lol

I made 3 Deborah, 2 Chris and Debbie, 3 Michelle, 3 Julianne, and 3 Courteney's


1) 2) 3) 4)

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If like any one you can have it BUT comment AND credit not one or the other or I'll sick Susan and Min on you LOL


3 new Debbie Icons lol

I made these for Veru and I liked one so much I made another to match my layout :P

Ok here's some A-M Icons! Woot! I finally finished LOL Well I know Susan has been waiting to see :P


1)  2)


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Ok I'm done for today. I'll make some more when I'm done screen capping teehee!!

Once again of you like you can have just under one condition, comment, credit :P  Cause my people will get you *coughMin,Susan,Verucough*

ttfn! (taataa for now)

Ok so I made more Icons

Teasers: 1) 2)

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The Michelle ones are from Grease 2 and the A-M ones are from Swinger pics hehe. Then one Alice In Wonderland one that I made for my wife <3

A random update since I saw this movie recently I decided to make icons out of it. I thought it may make me feel less blue...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wes Craven's A New NightmareCollapse )

Remember comment and credit if taking =P

Ok so I've been bad very bad! LOL

I need to make Icons and LOTS and in 3 weeks I will cause umm NO SCHOOL! hehe

2) Deborah Harry
2) Ann-Margret
2)Courteney Cox Arquette
1) Random (it cracks me up!)
(told you SMALL update)


1)Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Remember Comment, credit and have lot's of sex and booze.

I've lost the time to make icons. Like I make one and it's like Ok no more maybe later =P

So this results in 1 icon and one random header I suppose...

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This update had no point =P

{All are entries previously posted at my former icon LJ ( michellianne ) }
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Rules ect.

So I got this idea from enchanted_art.

What I have to Offer

1) Icons

2) Banners/Headers/Blends ect.


I have very simple rules. The global rule which applies for ALL things is Comment and then credit when taking. Also save and upload to your own server! EVERYONE HATE'S HOTLINKING SO DON'T DO IT!!!!!

1) Do not alter them in ANYWAY. Doing so will not all of a sudden make them yours.

2) Do not use them outside of LJ

3) Credit in the COMMENTS area and NOT the bottom of your user info, a friends protected entry, or anything that is not the comments area. Don't know how to credit?? Well guess what I've made a tut for that! go Here for it

other arts

Now this one is more tricky with the crediting

1) Do not alter them!

2) For these I accept credit in user info, click Here for an example of acceptable credit. Learn from Mini Debbers!!!!

Ok that's all kiddies, enjoy!!!

Just join this community, read the rules and that's it! =P
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