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Name: Kayla-Marie
Age: nineteen
Sex: female
Favorite mythological creature: mermaids, unicorns, satyrs, fawn boys...
Favorite books/author: Francesca Lia Block
Favorite music/bands: I really love all music.
Pictures of yourself:



-Name: Brittney
-Age: 17
-Sex: Female
-Favorite mythological creature: selkies and mermaids
-Favorite movies:"Marie Antoinette" and "The Last Unicorn"
-Favorite writers/books: Francesca Lia Block and Kelli Muster and Jeffrey Eugenides>
-Favorite music/bands: Rasputina, Debussy, and iio
-Any links you'd like to share:
-Pictures of yourself:
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i had a very successful day today. i wrote two poems and jotted down a ton of notes for further writing.
this poem may strike one as confusing. if there are any questions i'll be glad to answer them.

i'm sorry that this isn't about pets, but i'm really excited to share this and i hope i can get a comment or two on it.

good girls don't bleed.Collapse )
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