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so the other mod, Kayla's LJ account was suspended permenantly. because appearantly, promoing a community in your userinfo is against the rules...which makes no sense to me, because everyone does that.
but either way, until she gets a new one, or can convince them to give hers back, she wont be around for awhile. :[
so anyway, here's my theme post for february...
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So it's officially February in less than an hour and a half, so I thought I'd go ahead and let you know what will be going down here in Menagerie for the month of romance.

the theme for this month is:
"Everything Lovey In Your Life"
so go take pictures of everything romantic, happy, or just plain lovely in your life and tell us about it all. we will accept these posts starting tomorrow and will stop accepting them on February 21. From the 21-27, voting will take place. and on the 28, I will announce the winner when I do the monthy update of points. So go get started!

also, your monthly promotions are due...that's a minimum two per person, folks. Please post them as comments in reply to this entry. our goal for the month is to reach 30 members, and the only way that will work is if everyone is promoting as much as possible.
remember, everything you do in this community is worth points, so if you promote a ton, leave us the links in an entry to add onto your points score.

lastly, we are going to look for one more co-moderator. if any of you are interested, please read what is beneath this cut, and respond to it in a comment to this entry. thanks so much!

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If no one that is already accepted into Menagerie applies for comod or no one fits the bill (we have pretty high standards now), then we are going to start looking in other communities, or recruiting friends of ours that may not be as beneficial to our community.

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