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ME Icons

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ME, as in Marcia Elena. That's who I am. And this, obviously, is my icons Journal. I'm still learning, and hopefully improving.

Here you'll find icons from the following fandoms: AtS, BtVS, Firefly/Serenity, Supernatural, Mad Men, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and The X-Files, plus the occasional actor icon from those shows. I might expand that to include more things in the future, it all depends on what happens to hook me enough next.


See an icon you like? Want to use it? Please comment so I'll know about it, I put a lot of time and work into them and leaving me a comment only takes a minute. Be nice. Credit me; that's a must. Do not customize my icons; if an icon has no text, I meant it to be that way. Do not hotlink. Do not claim my work as your own. Do not use these outside of Live Journal.


Brushes, Textures, Gradients:

100x100_brushes boogieland carbon_paper even_art ownthesunshine iconistas myhearts_atart resourcerequest shogunate_icons

_hakanaidreams 77words amethystia aronia ashke_icons bittenicons braggadocio_org colorfilter contradictz cosmo_mouse dactyliotheca aetter ewanism fadeastride dearest glass_prism haito honerbright hermintage lady_corsair lasciviae letsboogie_ little_son lorien_maiden masquerademasks meleada nardasarmy niqii ohfreckle scarreddreamer neke vardataurwen veredgf wurlocke asya_17

Braggadocio {x} Papercuts {x} Stargazer {x} VeredGF

Screencaps, Publicity Shots, Candids:

david_b_daily vincent_daily

cassiee humming_along

Boreanazists {x} Can't Take the Sky {x} CraftyMonkie {x} Freeze Frame {x} Romance on BtVS {x} Screencap Paradise


Icon Challenge Communities:

_notfadeaway_ angel_stillness ats_challenge ats_hush darla_stillness david_stillness icons100 slash_icons100

Elite Icon Challenge Communities:

aimtomisbehave elite_three purr_pleh

My Other Communities:

___half_light _ties_that_bind