Easy Bake Master Race
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This ain't no rating community, mothafuckaaaaah.

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Uh fill this out to join
or else we will KILL YOU.

1. Which do you prefer: The Zigmints or The Apple Tree School?
2. What did you think of Psychobomb's latest studio release?
3. What kind of cake mix do you prefer?
4. Do you deserve to be in this community?
5. Do you deserve to be communist?
6. Are you white, Russian, short, Jewish, or named Masha?
7. Are you for or against black people?
8. Seriously.
9. Are you Stalin?
10. In Soviet Russia, you are belong to...
11. Do you think the thundercats were sexy, too?
12. Do you love Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black?
13. Is Liz as cool as Betsey Johnson thinks she is?
14. Would you tap that?
15. What in tarnation?
16. All your base are belong to _________.
17 - 19 are lost for the moment.
20 a. Are you fat?
b. Am I fat?

Oh yeah, add two photos of yourself so we can call you ugly and two pictures to make us laugh.

If we like you, you get accepted and you get this spiffy banner:

If we hate you, you get rejected and you get this spiffy banner:

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