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Second Generation Heroes- A Comics Panfandom Game

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In a place called Duo City, there stands a bar. It’s small and a touch dingy, the sign above it scratched out with the words Two Infinite Things. It matters not how you got here, but the minute you see it, you feel compelled to go in it. The bartender gives you a nod and goes back to serving drinks. It’s a crowded place, but has a familiar feel to it, as the oddly garbed and colorful patrons mingle together. Whether you take a seat at the bar and order a drink, hang against the wall, or play the old pinball machine in the corner, you begin to hear bits and pieces of gossip. It seems Duo City has become overrun with the criminal element as of late. Fortunately, at the same time, superheroes seem to have become drawn to the city. This particular bar, you discover, is a neutral ground for both the good and bad elements to mingle and mix. So now comes your decision. Do you stay in Duo to help with the rising element of crime or do you pay for your drink and leave, never looking back? If you do stay, will you toss your lot in with the heroes or with the criminals? The choice is yours. Welcome to the game of Second Generation Heroes.

Second Generation Heroes is a panfandom game geared specifically towards comic muses that are the second generation of superheroes. (Or supervillians for those of you out there who like to play bad guys.) We accept all types, canon, AU, and OC characters, as long as they have a basis in the comic-book genre.

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer."

[live love life]

Taken Characters I Applications I F.A.Q. & Rules I Hiatus and Drops I Mod Contact

Under Construction. Applications Open. Opens 4/4


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