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Name of Board/Site: MARVEL: TIES THAT BIND
Type of Board: Marvel and X-Men
Site Rating: R – No one under 17. Smut will happen but it's a small part of the community. A private forum is available for that topic. Just in case though, we're looking for mature roleplayers.
Level of activity: Low – our community just opened. We’re obviously hoping to find active participants looking for a place to call home.
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“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” –Maya Angelou

MARVEL: TIES THAT BIND was built upon the idea that the ache for home lives in all writers and the characters they portray. We want to be the place you call home. Wars may rage, teams may change... your relationships are your constant. Whether you explore our world seeking a romantic, platonic, or adversarial relationship, we provide a home that is pairing-friendly and welcoming to all writers of different backgrounds and abilities.

Our setting is the Marvel Universe prior to M-Day – so the majority of the cast is intact. We run an open environment where you can wander anywhere and anytime and avoid being stuck in one corner of the world. We suggest events to shape the world you live in, but finding adventure is up to you.

We operate on the principle that in order for players to enjoy writing their characters, they need as much autonomy and freedom as possible. We want nothing less for ourselves, and that’s why we keep the plot open. We run a friendly and flexible game - writing comes first, requirements second. Many of our founding members are from the school of thought that in order for RP to be fulfilling, you have to dive into meaningful relationships instead of being told your place on the team.

To say it simply: In a world gone mad...

Applications are fun, mods prefer not to micro-manage, the world you find yourself in yours to shape... and when you join the game, you feel like a part of the family. This is the kind of environment we want to foster and if you’re looking for the same, we want you!
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