February 21st, 2011


Team X: An X-men RPG

. a special team with special privileges .


Founded by Victor, Team-X is a group PSL based on and around the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie. We started based around the Team-X group and have expanded in setting and direction. Movie-verse and Comic-verse X-Men characters are welcome; including Alternate Universe and Original Characters.

Set in a military camp, each character is recruited to work for the military using their 'special' abilities and receiving a special kind of privilege. Not all the members of the team are here at their own request, and there are plots afoot to try and harness this powerful group to meet the military's own end. Each members motivation and loyalties are tested with the continuing influence and interference of Military Major William Stryker and associates.

Team-X is a character driven PSL and over arching plots are encouraged; while there are storylines provided within the game, character development and interaction in the goal. Participation in plots and stories is not mandatory, but we encourage as much activity as possible. At current all applications are open and we welcome all based in the X-Men universe.